Mannequin a day Project

‘Mannequin a day’ came to light or rather dark.. inspired by Noah Scalin’s blog ‘Skull-A-Day’. Photography and a love of styling of clothes as quite frankly I couldn’t fit them anymore but someone else could, my mannequin Magenta! Due to complications with my pregnancy, unfortunately I could not drive far or carry much, but I needed a good distraction so I decided to dress up Magenta every day, entering the land of creativity, yes escapism via art.

Magenta is adolescent in age & has a permanent seating position but she seems ok with that. I found at moments in time, after hours of photography, she almost comes to life as through the lens I get this feeling she is done for the day, respect..

When Mannequin-a-day started, I was unsure as to whether I was committing to a short duration or a continual project. So many ideas come to play, getting darker and more surreal in nature. An addiction has spawn! I wrote to Noah to express my thanks for being an amazing inspiration, Noah featured my art on his website ‘Make Something 365 and Get Unstuck’. This was simply ACE!

Here’s Magenta at the beginning of the project. A newly titled ‘Mysterious Girl Magenta’ post is the continuation from this project, however my main focus is my beautiful ‘real’ girl Amelie.

Down the yellow plastic road here to the ‘Mannequin a day gallery’