Mannequin a day Project

‘Mannequin a day’ was inspired by Noah Scalin’s blog ‘Skull-A-Day’. A love of photography and styling of clothes led to Ana’s daily obsession of dressing up her mannequin ‘Magenta in colour coded to outlandish outfits, planning sets and locations to fill her days and nights, after experiencing severe nerve pain when pregnant. Due to complications with her pregnancy, Ana couldn’t drive far or carry much, but this didn’t stop her from entering the land of creativity, hello escapism!

Magenta is adolescent in age, has a permanent seating position and is an excellent model for the long lasting shoots. Together, we managed about 90 shoots when Ana was pregnant. To present times, we can no longer manage daily photography sessions & edits, due to the complexities now of our art and Ana’s two year old Amelie (no. 1 focus).

Our ethereal worlds (our art) are created with a love of colour, nature, beautiful and the ornate. Surreal concoctions are at play, with more to flower soon.

When Mannequin-a-day started, I was unsure as to whether I was committing to a short duration or a continual project. So many ideas come to play, getting darker and more surreal in nature. An addiction has spawn! I wrote to Noah to express my thanks for being an amazing inspiration, Noah featured my art on his website ‘Make Something 365 and Get Unstuck’. This was simply ACE!

Here’s Magenta at the beginning of the ‘Mannequin a day’ project taken at the Field of Mars Reserve in Sydney.