Extraordinary day costume and photo shoot competition

Extraordinary day costume and photo shoot competition

Vintage to whimsical flair, combined with creative photography and digital artistry. An amusement ride for your imagination. It’s the ‘Extraordinary day costume and photo shoot competition!’ Storytelling with unique costumes and photography to celebrate the opening of the Lair 1st December 2020.


How to enter the competition

Frock up and be the face of Ultra Violet Lair!

In one sentence, answer the following question.
What would be your acceptance speech after sitting down on the goddess (Queen of Meow) chair? Send your answer to this question via the ‘Competition entry form’ on this page. The more entertaining the better!

The winner (one person, no groups) to this competition MUST have their own transport to get to and from Bowen Mountain (Hawkesbury area, Sydney) in the month of December 2020, for the day of costuming and photography shoot, as agreed by both parties (winner of competition and Ultra Violet Lair).

What the entrant winner will receive

The entrant winner (one person) to Ultra Violet Lair’s ‘Extraordinary day costume & photography competition’ will be the face of ‘Ultra Violet Lair’ showcasing a range of outfits with a vaudeville spirit (light or comic stage play, basically having a damn good time) no cookie cutter images created here!

On the day of the shoot (as agreed and confirmed by both parties) the winning entrant will have their makeup professionally applied by a makeup artist.

Three professional retouched digital images, based on three different outfits on the day. All other quality photos on a USB stick.

Three A3 prints in professional Giclee fine art photography paper (Print only, unframed, of the selected final three works mentioned above).
*Please note, my printer goes on holidays in Dec, the three prints might not be received till mid January 2021. Worth waiting for as they do an amazing job!

Lunch, drinks provided. Valued at $2.1K

*Entrants AU16+ only

For full details - See Terms and Conditions after photo gallery, inclusive of what the winning entrant will receive

Which carousel horse, giraffe or unicorn will you ride?

The image below of the gal on the carousel horse backwards was ripped out from a i-D magazine ages ago, is a rough guide for one shoot idea. Mask, top hat, attire all ready to go. This idea for the shoot will be edited in Photoshop.

The Marie Antoinette dress shown at the ‘Waking Dreamland’ exhibition is a great starter or finale piece.

More images to be added to this page and via socials.

Running duration for the 'Extraordinary day costume and photo shoot competition'

Start date: 10/11/20 at 09:00 pm AEDT
End date: 30/11/20 at 09:00 pm AEDT

Competition entry form

Terms and conditions for photo shoot competition

*Entrants AU16+ only

Photography for this shoot must occur between
1 Dec and 30 Dec 2020. *See ‘Outside Ultra Violet Lair’s control’ if this is to be extended.

The winner of this shoot must have their own transport to get to and from the studio at Bowen Mountain (Hawkesbury area in Sydney) on the day.

The winning entry (one person, not a group of people) will be chosen on the most creative, thought provoking sentence. The winning entry will be the announced 30/11/20 at 9.30pm AEDT.

As many sentence entries are accepted to this ‘Extraordinary day costume & photography competition‘, however all must be received prior to the 30 November 2020, 9pm AEDT.

Ultra Violet Lair has the permission of the winner to showcase imagery from this shoot on all online and print mediums.

Please note – Ultra Violet Lair will not use or sell your private information to anyone else. This competition is purely a celebration of Ana’s costume and photography studio opening on the 1st December 2020.

Outside Ultra Violet Lair's control

If there is a complete shutdown due to the Corona Virus (COVID-19), Ultra Violet Lair is extending the close date for the shoot one month from the date notified in New South Wales, ie when all social contact is accepted and approved.