Dolly delicious for the warped – Series Two

It’s ‘Dolly delicious for the warped series’
Series 2, Part 3 – Chameleon Gardens – Winter

Formally a Victorian house, occupants long gone
Family tree uprooted, nature holds the clues, traces
Discarded aged photos show only the back of heads
Items boxed of value, last possessions auctioned, sold
Piano, mulberry stained clothes and dolls left for dead
✪ Model – Magenta mannequin

It’s ‘Dolly delicious for the warped series’
Series 2, Part 2 – Chameleon Gardens – Undefined soldiers march in Spring

Bewildering and overgrown, laden with nostaglia
Undefined soldiers, withered flowers for eyes, play dot to dot
Marking territory amongst the Chameleon Gardens
Permission granted, free to roam, don’t cross their path

White daisies sky high follow the last rays of the sun
Closed sign to the gardens flipped over till dawn
Keep your voice down low, it’s the next session

Piano keys are played with precision by no one visible
Spirits trapped in transition welcome the dark of night
Now free from the gardens bespoke butterfly net

It’s ‘Dolly delicious for the warped series’
Part 1 – Chameleon Gardens – Carlotta Creeper’s royal visit

Lavish grounds, a grand assembly, frenzy of lost souls
Disjointed porcelain dolls, moving plant life usher crowds
The procession begins, confetti spared for a zombie wedding
Win an unimaginable prize from the striped pop up stall

Still no conclusions, blood, toffee or mulberry stains?
Forget me not, parting words follow the ravens flight
Witnesses, wallflowers, anyone? Silence
✪ Model – Magenta mannequin