Dolly delicious for the warped – Series Three

It’s ‘Dolly delicious for the warped series’
Series 3, Part 4 – Lure

Revolving light from the moon unearths merciless forces
Exposed, luminous still life are found pinned against the marsh
Plants stir and caress with outstretched leaves as hands
Exiled lands, forbidden fruits and pathways marked ‘X’

Zig zag, the brutally fast sewing machine lays the tracks
Halt! Fabric caught, all bunched up, foundations cracking
Black hole pivoting, echoes shout! Nature’s lure dissecting
Unburied stare dreamily, find your hiding place til daybreak

✪ Model – Magenta mannequin | Introducing Clara Clothes-Off. Can you see her? If she arrives at your front door, run!

I am her servant, Magenta channels the visions I create. ^-^ I keep wanting to make a particular photo art collage, but others jump the fence. Who wants to stick to the rules anyway! So more added to this series.

Original prior to the edit + Clara Clothes-Off

It’s ‘Dolly delicious for the warped series’

Series 3, Part 3 – Nostalgia

This artwork is a reflection of a dream, to reality, ending on a nostalgic note. Magenta is dressed with elements from The High Line and Central Park, New York.

I went to NY for 3 months several years ago. Amazed how the bar staff drink with you from behind the bar. I hung out in a place that was like an Alice in Wonderland void. Beautiful ornate white walls, burgundy flowing curtains, vines through the windows. The best part was a trap door to the patio roof, amazing… The grass is greener? Fluorescent green whoa! I did NOT want to come home!

The golden bizarre ladder featured is from my dollhouse, several vintage Barbies fell victim to foul play, now part of the foundations to a little mansion.

✪ Model – Magenta mannequin

It’s ‘Dolly delicious for the warped series’

Series 3, Part 1 – Disco ball glare

Bewildering delicacies, before you from an ethereal world
Mind the disco ball glare exclaimed the poised statuesque girl
Chorus of echoes, sounded out by ‘may I have your attention?’
‘Winged, unhinged, those without history, heartbeat, eyeballs missing’
Cut to ‘lost off the garden path!’ shouted out from a whimsical moonchild
Whatever your ticket (wink), those retreating from the laws of reality
No need to part, stay forever here

Note – Add to the last sentence ‘mind the streaks of red’ for the freaked version
✪ Model – Magenta mannequin