Dolly delicious for the warped – series one

It’s ‘Dolly delicious for the warped series’
Part 3 – Three sixty degrees

Internal transmission, sparks
Transformation starts on cue
The growth stems literally, taking over
Leaves and flowers form, making clusters

Tears flare up with fluorescent light
Infiltrated, flowers take hold of her eyes
Three sixty degrees view activated
Mulberry stained dress, or question mark
Intruders now realise her full freakish potential
Safer climbing a barbed wire fence
✪ Model – Magenta mannequin

Extra image is prior to the transformation ‘stage’ that happens according to her programmed clockwork.

It’s ‘Dolly delicious for the warped series’
Part 2 – Lost

Our eyes meet, potions mix
Glass enchased, resin coated,
A place in time, frost, fire, lightning?
Stand away from the edge, transcending
Confined spaces, fusion, infiltration of the mind

Pinball machine lights up, whoa! Let’s go!
Neon lights seduce the inner city fringes
Intuition, flashes, your mincemeat

Illuminations real, breath short
70’s music burns like hell
The river of your soul reduced to the last drop
Lost amongst the labyrinth of vines, pathways
Take a bow, surrender or fight?
Your in the limelight… Game over
✪ Model – Magenta mannequin

It’s ‘Dolly delicious for the warped series’
Part 1 – At the show

Elaborate curtains veil the room
Dolls hang from twine and hand made devices
Grand procession to the bar, black pillars, statues hang overhead
Constant flow of activity pacing the grounds, eyes peeled
Audio crackles like fireworks, breeding conspiracy theories

The crowd move past, adorned in the obscure to unspeakable
Forest-floor awaits, scarlet and red berries scattered by trail
Lanterns flicker, light traipsing randoms back and forth
Blurring boundaries, gates to negative space
Fire ablaze, ethereal music rained
She rose amongst the chanting
✪ Model – Magenta mannequin