Creative Services

Styling and costume design

Ana draws on her film and theatrical background, working with you to find the right fit to your requirements, to style you with existing pieces with a fantastical edge. Ana loves finding unique and gorgeous items at a second-hand stores, adding them to the Lair wardrobe as is, or taking them down the garden path to a clothing shed and doing unthinkable things, chop chop! (Clothing dye, mashing them with other outfits).

Once outfits are handpicked, accessories and or wigs are toyed with, no detail is overlooked. Unique jewellery pieces are found in the treasure drawer here to compliment your outfit. The playful nature continues, let the fun begin!

Please note – Tailor-made costumes will also be an option shortly as well as custom jewellery.

See About the Lair for more information to Ana’s experience.


Creative portrait photography

Creative photography for those up for an imaginative shoot, with a range of props to look after ‘your’ inner child;)

Unique portraits, infused with fun to bring out the fashion model, actress, who ever the extraordinary you decides to be. The artist/photographer Ana will help make you feel at ease/in the zone at the shoot, but know, the Lair’s entrancing world will help transform your experience, whereby your mindset is lost in the details of the room.

Locations – Be photographed at the Lair or on location at beautiful to vintage wonderland settings in the Hawkesbury area. Check out the social pages over the next few months to see the places Ana has personally fallen for.

Set design, backdrops and props

It’s all about the detail. Ana loves vintage patterns in fabrics, ornate designs from yesteryear as much as her good friends! A total ‘detail freak’.

Have you any particular items or props you would like to work with? No problem! Bring them along.

The wardrobe is here to be raided.. The whimsical space is here to transform you. The enchanted antique tree props, with carousel animals and tea cups filled with faux flowers cascading down are a pure treat. The miniature dolls house with working chandeleirs will delight your inner child. The main ornate room is adorned with vintage wedding dress fabric, a gorgeous jungle of white netting as a backdrop.

It’s an evolving landscape of the beautiful bizarre. A love of Alice in Wonderland is a driving force to Ana’s creativity, hence a miniature mansion interior wall with a view through a door, like in the original ‘Alice in Wonderland’ book by Lewis Carroll, is currently being made, so people look super large amongst a small set. No limits, excluding your budget requirements, as digital artistry via Photoshop is another method as an option to transport you to fantastical lands.

Digital artistry and photo retouching

Ana has extensive professional photo retouching experience working for high profile companies and a photo studio. Both hands on creating to the digital realm. It’s a devoted passion to produce works that are unique.

Digital artistry can see your portrait be taken to new levels, like over the top in a good way, more surreal, vibrant colour, graphics etc. You, front and centre as an art form with other elements incorporated via Photoshop. Let Ana know what you have in mind or ideas at play. What are your interests? Nature, dolls, vintage cars.. See the professional Giclee photo print quality via finished artworks showcased at the Lair.

Digital artistry examples are to be added shortly with more Alice in Wonderland flavour and the start to people within the dollshouse like no other.


‘I found Ultra Violet Lair online and entered a photoshoot competition with the lovely Ana! Luckily I won and got to experience the magic that is the Ultra Violet Lair! So many beautiful costume choices, props and sets, it’s really like stepping into Wonderland! Had a fabulous day shooting and Ana was very flexible as I had injured myself just before the shoot and was in a moon boot (not that you can tell looking at the pics hehe). Thanks so much Ana, can’t wait to be back in the studio again sometime soon xx’

Model – Mimi Belle

It is so much joy to work with Ana! She takes the stress out of tricky design work and infuses so much fun into the process for those of us mere mortals in the blogging world. I love Ana’s magical sense of aesthetics and real attention to the finest details. she went above and beyond for me and took the time to really listen to what I wanted and guide me through the process coming up with lots of options. I am so pleased with the final results. Thanks Ana. I loved spending time in your Lair. Let’s do it again soon.

Bella Wolf – Earthly Delight

Would highly recommend Ana, her attention to detail and artwork is incredibly good and unique! If you are in need of a graphic artist or looking for a unique photo shoot, Ana is your lady!

Imogen Terry – Marie Antoinette character (Photo Shoot)