Costuming at the Lair

Entrance your inner child with whimsical and vintage attire with lashings of dark, it’s an amusement ride of colour, texture and detail. ¬†Storytelling with unique costumes and props, creative photography is the record to this tale.

Please note – Larger size outfits for women is on the cards soon to accompany pre-existing outfits and new attire.

Dress up 'any' day, make it extraordinary.. Send your photo(s)

The Lair is all about having fun in a gorgeous setting and attire. However, due to restrictions with COVID, an option to send in your own photos of you dressed however fashion you desire, to be part of/edited into scenes, such as the ‘Mad Hatter tea party’ (photos in the Lair) are coming soon via the ‘Digital Artistry‘ page.

Sequence images can be made as short visual stories, dress up with friends, no limits excluding your imagination.

Styling and individual attire

The outfits featured on this page, are a mixed range of styled and individual pieces. Ana can also recommend where to get accessories, corsets etc. Custom pieces can also be made.


Gloves and other accessories to be added soon! Currently updating the off white tea cup wig. Stay tuned..