Artist Statement



Sydney based creative arts specialist Ana Miller, has been honing her skills in portrait photography with unique styled sets the past several years. Having direct experience as a professional graphic, web and set designer, inclusive of ‘Production Designer’ for a multimedia theatre project ‘Emergence’ showcased at Sydney Opera House and Canberra Street Theatre, further infused her love of art, design and photography to flower even more.  

Large productions are indeed wonderful, for Ana miniature worlds have also always been of fascination. The dolls house ‘like no other’ is a contemporary sculpture Ana has been working on for the past ten years, it is part of the ‘Lair’, her new studio space within her home. It’s base is a pre-loved Barbie mansion, placed on the street via a neighbour in the inner west of Sydney. Old chocko vines from Ana’s previous residence are throughout. Ana loves the idea of the outside in, hence furniture is a bare minimum. Ana intends on placing people of interest within the dolls house (via Photoshop and film) to further tell stories, showcase their unique talents and/or brilliant selves. 

Ana Miller’ recent exhibition, September 2020, ‘Waking Dreamland’ was showcased at the Purple Noon Gallery. Character Marie Antoinette in ‘her’ vaudeville spirit, photographed locally in the Australian bush, Bowen Mountain. Ana’s methodology was the reverse to the dolls house. Therefore Ana took furniture and props outside into the bush. The dolls house, like no other was amongst a family tree of interesting artwork oddities, catering to all those willing to step inside their imagination and go on an adventure, into ‘their’ personal wonderland.


nostalgic memory

Ana has a nostalgic memory to her childhood, visiting one of her grandmother’s house in historic Maitland, NSW. The shot silk turquoise curtains, old furniture, porcelain dolls, ornate gold frames, one in particular of a Renoir (print). The backyard presented more treasures, a considerable sized pepper tree, animals galore and a mixed assortment of flowers wild and kept. These pretties rested below the wrap around wooden veranda adorned with comfy lounges, scouting invitations to rest upon. No wonder after Ana recently moved to the Hawkesbury, she fell in love, which also changed the direction to her art.

Image featured here (prior to moving to the Hawkesbury) is one from her ‘Mannequin a day’ project, which replaced the blah of pregnancy and complications with neon lit adventures. Styling ‘Magenta’ mannequin, taking her to parks, cemeteries and random haunts that met Ana’s criteria for one hell of a good background. Once the lights flashed green, Magenta in place, set design, photography all dusted, to later editing and uploading the ‘one’ to Instagram. This concept was adapted by Noah Scalin’s ‘Skull-a-day’.


for Kienholz to Beardsley

Inspiration for Ana, stems back to Ed Kienholz & Aubrey Beardsley. Kienholz, for the hands on spectacular works such as ‘The Merry-Go-World or Begat by Chance and the Wonder Horse Trigger’ and ‘The Hoerengracht’ a life-size installation of the red-light district in Amsterdam (in collaboration with his wife Nancy Reddin Kienholz). Beardsley, for equally mind blowing works, however on paper. Ana’s production design for her surreal short film ‘Peek Show’ (image left) was inspired from Audrey Beardsley’s black and white illustrations, however rich in saturated colour.

The ongoing fascination with ‘The Original Alice in Wonderland’ by Lewis Carroll, illustrated by Eric Kincaid. If you’ve never seen this book, it’s truly a wonderland. Worth looking up!

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Ana studied Visual Communications at UTS (2006) & Fine Arts Diploma from Meadowbank TAFE (2002).