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fruitful beginnings

It all started, visiting one of her grandmother’s house in historic Maitland, NSW. The shot silk turquoise curtains, old-fashioned furniture, porcelain dolls with pull-strings to talk, ornate gold frames, one in particular featuring a Renoir print. The backyard presented more treasures, a towering pepper tree, animals galore and a mixed assortment of flowers wild and kept. Ana’s grandmother is the main driving force to her passion of reworking vintage clothes. Glady’s, Ana’s grandmother strongly suggested to her to follow her passion of art and design, adopting Glady’s strong will, no matter what circumstances. Butchering clothes with love & curiosity is now Ana’s way to her outfits. Tweaking, mashing second hand attire into something new.

Ana studied Visual Communications at UTS and has a Fine Arts Diploma from the Sydney Institute of TAFE. A short millinery course at the Sydney Community College changed her path with a Marie Antoinette twist, drawing on Ana’s background in set design for theatre, film & events. Inclusive of graphic design, photography, photo retouching and web design for high profile companies, to now the evolving landscape in her house, the Lair.


no other

Sydney based creative arts specialist Ana Miller, has been honing her skills in portrait photography with unique styled sets the past several years. Having direct experience as a professional graphic, web and set designer, inclusive of ‘Production Designer’ for a multimedia theatre project ‘Emergence’ showcased at Sydney Opera House and Canberra Street Theatre, further infused her love of art, design and photography to flower even more.  

Large productions are indeed wonderful, for Ana miniature worlds have also always been of fascination. The dolls house ‘like no other’ is a contemporary sculpture Ana has been working on for the past ten years, it is part of the ‘Lair’, her new studio space within her home. It’s base is a pre-loved Barbie mansion, placed on the street via a neighbour in the inner west of Sydney. Old chocko vines from Ana’s previous residence are throughout. Ana intends on placing people of interest within the dolls house (via Photoshop and film) to further tell stories, showcase their unique talents and/or brilliant selves. 


make magic! Starting here

Any questions?! Send to Ana via email or fill out the form via the contact page.
Book in a date. Ana will try to accommodate your request. Ana is only available on Wednesday | Friday and Saturdays – By appointment ONLY

Pay your deposit, the ‘Extraordinary Makeover’ of $249.00 via the Shop page. *Please note, the deposit secures the date of your appointment and locks in a professional makeup artist. This is non-refundable, however, can be transferrable based on COVID ruling in NSW.

Information will be provided to you with a confirmation of receipt. If your wanting to book one of the ‘Ultra Day Out’ packages, once payment is received a personalised coupon is sent to take off the $249.00 deposit from the full amount via the ‘Shop‘ page.

On the day of your shoot/appointment time, a tour of the Lair to see the space, then makeup artistry begins! Based on the creative look approved by you.

Photo references for inspiration are here at the studio space with good cues to placement of hands whilst being photographed. Ana is open to any ideas and poses for photography you might have.