About Us

Two projects are on the turntables, ‘Mysterious girl Magenta’, is side A, centred around a mannequin ‘Magenta’ resonating dark art, alternate fashion, photography and creative writing.

Side B is a dolls house project on a hiatus until a larger studio space materialises, so unfortunately this side of the record is scratched! Oh wait.. Our imaginary gramophone is playing a voice from yesteryear ‘this lair promises to flower as a coffee table book and art exhibition, for now, enjoy the scratchings under my voice’.

The Story

‘Mysterious girl Magenta’ was a daily ritual which started when the creator Ana was pregnant. Ana fed her obsession by picking the flowers from the costume and flower fields in an organic fashion. Combined with photography when out and about to add more flavour to the main shoot with Magenta in the limelight. A tale is written to add the icing on this dark but delicious cake. Read the backstory behind Ana’s photography project ‘Mannequin-a-day’ inspired by Noah Scalin’s blog ‘Skull-a-day’

This project lead the authors passion back to creative styling with her head continually buzzing with ideas. See the ‘Mannequin-a-day gallery’.

Ana’s inspiration stems back to Edward Kienholz & Aubrey Beardsley, who are two of Ana’s favourite artists. They both blow her mind with the magic they created. Kienholz for the hands on spectacular works such as ‘The Merry-Go-World or Begat by Chance and the Wonder Horse Trigger’ and Beardsley on paper.

The merry-go-ride of styling with alternative clothes and props, bespoke studio lighting & photography keeps both Ana & Magenta’s world in a spin & they wouldn’t have it any other way.

All edits to Ana’s work are her own photos with accompanying words unless noted.



Artist | Designer

Art for this gal, is a necessity, it’s one of the keys to her heart. Ana studied Visual Communications at UTS & also has a Fine Arts Diploma from TAFE. Ana just completed a Introduction to Millinery Course which was amazing! New doors of creativity are opening up.Ana's background is an assortment from the chocolate box, graphics, inclusive of photo retouching & set design for theatre, film & events, as well as various duties within a photography studio. Ana’s current role, front & centre is looking after her baby daughter Amelie (her 1 year old performing artist). Naturally Ana's window of time for art is now small, so when the lights switch to green, it’s go go!

Magenta mannequin

Magenta mannequin

Model | Extroverted Introvert

Magenta, previously known as Manny is from the Inner West of Sydney. Magenta and her twin, also known as Manny, were scouted for a theatre production called 'Emergence' that went to the Sydney Opera House. Her twin sister Manny played her role as part of the production, however Magenta opted, with wink 'help' for a low key position as a wall flower in Ana's home. This included occasional model duties & party enthusiast. She was cool with that.Wigs, dresses galore are seized & treasured by Magenta as a daily ritual. She might not have the capacity to stand up, but certainly manages to get the goods. Perhaps witchcraft is at play?

The Process

Ana & her inner child loves toying with clothes, fabrics, items found in second-hand stores & nature itself. Whatever that sparks her interest to create new worlds inside a frame.

Items are organically collated along the way, although Ana’s ‘side B’ project, the dolls house has a good supply of artificial flowers, art supplies etc. Props sourced from second-hand stores win Ana’s heart over. Embroidered pieces from my grandmother also get a good workout.
Magenta is now primarily Photoshopped into scenes, ex at home, as it’s a bit hard for me to lug her around with my ‘real’ girl Amelie & all the gear.

The Process