Unique creative portraits ..enchantment awaits

Welcome to The Lair! Full colour spectrum is our platform of choice.

Enchantment awaits, glamorous, vintage flair or kooky surreal, which styling choice would you own in The Lair?

Ana draws on her film and theatrical background with a love for colour, beautiful and vintage clothes to produce a look rich in texture and detail. Complimentary colours are explored, backgrounds, props, all tailored to your requirements. For Ana, visiting antique or second hand stores for one-off finds and making custom bespoke jewellery, is a wonderful adventure through concept land. Like Dorothy, finding gems like her red glitter shoes is a pot of gold under the rainbow.

Over the last few months, a lot of new clothing pieces have been added to the wardrobe. The highlight pieces, a velvet Victorian tailcoat corset back jacket, a black with gold trimming military faux fur jacket and a Victorian styled top hat. These clothing items will be amongst the wardrobe for Ultra Violet Lair’s photo shoot competition ‘Puss in Boots no more’. Launched ‘again’ soon, please see Facebook or Instagram for updates.

A few items are currently reserved to go to a tailor shop, this will be a continuing theme to mash up a few outfits to create one off items, perfect for photography, rich in detail and totally unique.

Part of Ana’s house has a designated studio space called ‘The Lair’ located in Bowen Mountain (Hawkesbury area of Sydney). Bookings will open – by appointment ONLY – when the time is right with social distancing in NSW. The photography process is all about being the extraordinary you, have fun and let your inner child out to play! See Ana’s ‘Creative Services‘ page for more information.

Branding for small businesses

Full spectrum, reflect your true colours with your brand. No cookie cut designs found here.

Ana’s approach, is to find out as much as she can before creating graphics for a brand as it needs to be your voice & what you do. Sure, Ana loves beautiful & ornate, but it’s about mirroring elements to your way &/or how you go about your business. It’s the right amount sunlight to make a prism, as with graphics, it needs to hit the mark, be your message. See her Creative Services page for more information.


Ana is very patient and has a very creative way of photography. I love her work and her way of thinking. She come up with the most beautiful works of art I’ve seen for a while. Absolutely love her work!

Libby Grady – The Little Coffee Shed

It is so much joy to work with Ana! She takes the stress out of tricky design work and infuses so much fun into the process for those of us mere mortals in the blogging world. I love Ana’s magical sense of aesthetics and real attention to the finest details. she went above and beyond for me and took the time to really listen to what I wanted and guide me through the process coming up with lots of options. I am so pleased with the final results. Thanks Ana. I loved spending time in your Lair. Let’s do it again soon.

Bella Wolf – Earthly Delight