Continuing from ‘Mannequin a day’, artworks rest in peace here.

Entrancing capabilities, heard, seen
Enchanted smile, elevation, sublime
A labyrinth rich like a potent slice of tiramisu
Broken china, remnants from the Mad Hatter’s tea party meander down the stream

Crochet patterns spur new formations seeding plant life
Laden with obscurities, witchcraft concealed
A clown took their last bounce on a mini trampoline
Gardens hyped with activity under the illustrious moon
Hypnotic voices scream non decipherable words
Piano keys sidetrack and lute what’s left of my mind
Tea anyone?
✪ Model – Magenta mannequin

Gates smiling infancy, may stop you in your tracks
Orchestrated by an unknown
Lost property shop, showcased and directed by the charcoal coated sky
Sacrificial offerings by the overhung trees & undergrowth
Clothes and items lay strewn
Nostalgia plays dress-ups
Stories hand stitched

Mossed trees, creepers, a carpet of green
Rusty fern leaves lightly caress, jolt and startle the inanimate and very much alive
Floating minuscule passengers take a rollercoaster ride
Waist-deep, tickets rise from below, ‘Now showing – Nasturtiums and your demise’
Bright orange hues steal the limelight
Adding contrast to those no longer in motion
✪ Model – Magenta mannequin

‘Boots on’ – Three part series -3/3

Pale island, wild white faces
Dolls make their auspicious debut
Sky of deep blue velvet sent it’s invitation
Seal of wax dripped from Mars
Red rose eyes pierce silvery clouds
All that stirs and swirls increase momentum
Lucky draw what comes to surface
Banishment extends it’s arms, guilty of larceny, informing us ‘I’m wearing moss covered green’

Stars confess, scars left by a strangers bouquet
Or was it the people without history from the apple tree, breathing between life and death?
Far away land, clues blurred, nether world?
Broken bones, claws, vertebrae, fragments
Enough to fill a candy store
A megaphone shouts out ‘no sugar coating or toffee apples!’
✪ Model – Magenta mannequin

Conservatorium Luminous feted dreamlike
Bleached surrounds, exhibited items cloaked in veils
Deserted paths, mirrors heighten the dazzling glare
Mirthful flowers orchestrate puppetry with their restless branches
Petals mostly wind shaken, stir and weep

Locks broken, joys and fear
Ashes defiant they were taken unaware
Church sounding bells spark extinction
Spotlights frame at nightmare speed
Her newly formed wings ask ‘do you care for a midnight flight?’
✪ Model – Magenta mannequin

Mangroves stir, their inhabitants, an assorted chocolate box
A theatre sold out with species you’d rather not know
Underlying mystery
Sinister happiness
Is it confession time?
Trees veil havoc
The last rays of sun witness unspoken things
The merry-go-round haults
Lights off, curtains are drawn to a close
I’ll have the one with the soft centre and is to die for
✪ Model – Magenta mannequin

Leafy groves
Dark green fields
A haunt for meandering types
Unfolding paths, are we lost?
Sultry red lips present mazes
Ghostly porcelain skin

Emerald eyes, endless lake, perilous green
The woods shed ties with the sun
Dryads awaken
Ashes now sparks
✪ Model – Magenta mannequin

Close up seeing this witchy house is lost happily amongst the woods.

Outstretched hands
Encounters, weeds, vines
Glittering inhabitants with metallic shadows toy with me
Some make nests in the green surrounds
Others play with yoyo’s, skipping ropes and lick lollipops
Mesmerised gazes follow me to the grassy stage
Violets sell programmes and ice-creams at intermission
The last rays of sun witness unspoken things.
✪ Model – Magenta mannequin

An alternative in the land of pink and purple hues.

Meow! The artist behind the dark glamour puss Magenta has been making lots of stuff. Still flavoured dark, with lashings of surreal, but more colour & hands on creations to come. Credit to the words on the sign ‘meow spoken here’ go to an unknown resident in the inner west of Sydney, with their ace sticky taped piece of wonder near their front door.

‘Boots on’ – Three part series – No.2/3
Bright lights, channels collide. Eerie fireworks rain in a new dimension. Jump cut to a switchblade, criss-cross, fast forward, no rewind. Forge away with permanency.

Mindset opened the gates to absurdities, they spray painted their wants and desires.
✪ Model – Magenta mannequin

‘Boots on’ – Three part series – No.1/3
Bootlaces knee high. Mechanical, electrical. Infusion spreading throughout my body. Mind razor sharp. Message received DESTROY!

Artwork in particular for the background was inspired after watching Altered Carbon + this artist is in a new stage of ‘back to me’ after having a baby 7 months ago. Boots on again, no stopping me in my tracks.

Alt from the previous image posted at play.

Smoke and mirrors. Reflections collide. Hello nonsensical. Velvet staircase spiralling down.. Don’t move. She recalled playing ‘statues’ when a child.

Masters of Darkness challenge no.137 on Instagram
@_mastersofdarkness_ #septum_noctium_137 #masters_of_darkness
Raw image – @obscuras_darkness
Art by day, at night watched Van Helsing, hello nightmares x3 nights!

The sanctuary gates recite spoken word. They slam shut the moment they have your attention, then back to ‘creak, creak’. Gargoyles descend from their posts. Bells resonate. Street lights on. Knifes and forks play hide and seek. The monochromatic feast is now a full spectrum of colour and mayhem.

Submerged in black. An alt to the previous post.

Drawers shut. A myriad of small creatures resume to their bespoke chairs. Smoke and mirrors are the real deal, not props in this show.

Going up! Ding! Declared the voice recording inside the lift. Doors close. Sludge and floating debris waltz. Make daIsy chains! Exclaimed the rotting apple! Yeah whatever.. ’Dream A Little Dream Of Me’ is muffled by the speakers filling with water. The siren can here it loud and clear.

Welcome to Freakytown! Carnivorous plants, neon lights, rollercoaster smiles. Gigantic snails make pop up slides. Float like never before in our piranha infested waters, free body piercing to the lucky charmed.

Nine lives, one queen. Incandescent leaves, a theatrical enclosure. Squirrels with bleeding eye sockets sing Opera. A carousel horse enraptured, fountains confetti from its mouth. Quick! Change channels! Victorian undergarments parade. Hault! Metal on metal. Water pools of ornate creation come to life. Submerge me, meow! ✪ Model – Magenta mannequin

The Virtuoso Museum, stripped of art, a secret life. Location undisclosed. Within the garden beds, dolls march at 1am, resting by day. Illuminated tentacles graze the plastic skin to the inanimate objects. A doll head batting an eyelid uncontrollably mutters on repeat ‘light switch on.. light switch off’. ✪ Model – Magenta mannequin

Voices from yesteryear weave their fragmented calls, once angelic, now painted black. The spirits compete with each other, their ritual. If you find it blood-curdling outside, there are freaks alive inside! Through the window, weeds grow within the cracks that the pavement nurses. Floor boards creak, fabrics flow from their bodies, almost luminous, mesmerising. They pace the rooms, faces without expression, until disturbed. I’ll stay outside.. ✪ Model – Magenta mannequin

Stephen King’s – ‘It’ is at the cinemas here in Australia, I look forward to seeing it and finishing the book, love it, my little writings below are inspired by this.✪ Model – Magenta mannequin

Magenta closes her eyes. The film reel starts to turn, lighting low.. Sound takes the visual by hand, amplification, the magicians work is done. The clown spins the old fashioned prize wheel, locking eyes onto audience members of interest. The balloons reflect the final scenes that the neon lights tried to prevent. Short circuiting all at once.✪ Model – Magenta mannequin

The Queen of the Night rests dormant, awaiting cues. The final curtain of daytime rises, nightfall paints the fringes to this theatre. Her senses come to life if predators find their way to her. A vintage monkey toy feasts on black berries within her bewitched crown. They spawn anew as fast as they are devoured. The dolls start to sharpen their spade like teeth on protruding branches, guarding the Crown Jewels is all they know.✪ Model – Magenta mannequin

High pitched voices switch between harmony and haphazard discord. Shrills of the dolly twins awake Cynthia statue outside. Cassette tapes now transition to fast forward. The mayhem begins ✪ Model – Magenta mannequin