Continuing from ‘Mannequin a day’, artworks rest in peace here.

Entrancing capabilities, heard, seen
Enchanted smile, elevation, sublime
A labyrinth rich like a potent slice of tiramisu
Broken china, remnants from the Mad Hatter’s tea party meander down the stream

Crochet patterns spur new formations seeding plant life
Laden with obscurities, witchcraft concealed
A clown took their last bounce on a mini trampoline
Gardens hyped with activity under the illustrious moon
Hypnotic voices scream non decipherable words
Piano keys sidetrack and lute what’s left of my mind
Tea anyone?
✪ Model – Magenta mannequin

Gates smiling infancy, may stop you in your tracks
Orchestrated by an unknown
Lost property shop, showcased and directed by the charcoal coated sky
Sacrificial offerings by the overhung trees & undergrowth
Clothes and items lay strewn
Nostalgia plays dress-ups
Stories hand stitched

Mossed trees, creepers, a carpet of green
Rusty fern leaves lightly caress, jolt and startle the inanimate and very much alive
Floating minuscule passengers take a rollercoaster ride
Waist-deep, tickets rise from below, ‘Now showing – Nasturtiums and your demise’
Bright orange hues steal the limelight
Adding contrast to those no longer in motion
✪ Model – Magenta mannequin

‘Boots on’ – Three part series -3/3

Pale island, wild white faces
Dolls make their auspicious debut
Sky of deep blue velvet sent it’s invitation
Seal of wax dripped from Mars
Red rose eyes pierce silvery clouds
All that stirs and swirls increase momentum
Lucky draw what comes to surface
Banishment extends it’s arms, guilty of larceny, informing us ‘I’m wearing moss covered green’

Stars confess, scars left by a strangers bouquet
Or was it the people without history from the apple tree, breathing between life and death?
Far away land, clues blurred, nether world?
Broken bones, claws, vertebrae, fragments
Enough to fill a candy store
A megaphone shouts out ‘no sugar coating or toffee apples!’
✪ Model – Magenta mannequin

Conservatorium Luminous feted dreamlike
Bleached surrounds, exhibited items cloaked in veils
Deserted paths, mirrors heighten the dazzling glare
Mirthful flowers orchestrate puppetry with their restless branches
Petals mostly wind shaken, stir and weep

Locks broken, joys and fear
Ashes defiant they were taken unaware
Church sounding bells spark extinction
Spotlights frame at nightmare speed
Her newly formed wings ask ‘do you care for a midnight flight?’
✪ Model – Magenta mannequin

Mangroves stir, their inhabitants, an assorted chocolate box
A theatre sold out with species you’d rather not know
Underlying mystery
Sinister happiness
Is it confession time?
Trees veil havoc
The last rays of sun witness unspoken things
The merry-go-round haults
Lights off, curtains are drawn to a close
I’ll have the one with the soft centre and is to die for
✪ Model – Magenta mannequin

Leafy groves
Dark green fields
A haunt for meandering types
Unfolding paths, are we lost?
Sultry red lips present mazes
Ghostly porcelain skin

Emerald eyes, endless lake, perilous green
The woods shed ties with the sun
Dryads awaken
Ashes now sparks
✪ Model – Magenta mannequin

Close up seeing this witchy house is lost happily amongst the woods.

Outstretched hands
Encounters, weeds, vines
Glittering inhabitants with metallic shadows toy with me
Some make nests in the green surrounds
Others play with yoyo’s, skipping ropes and lick lollipops
Mesmerised gazes follow me to the grassy stage
Violets sell programmes and ice-creams at intermission
The last rays of sun witness unspoken things.
✪ Model – Magenta mannequin

An alternative in the land of pink and purple hues.

Meow! The artist behind the dark glamour puss Magenta has been making lots of stuff. Still flavoured dark, with lashings of surreal, but more colour & hands on creations to come. Credit to the words on the sign ‘meow spoken here’ go to an unknown resident in the inner west of Sydney, with their ace sticky taped piece of wonder near their front door.

‘Boots on’ – Three part series – No.2/3
Bright lights, channels collide. Eerie fireworks rain in a new dimension. Jump cut to a switchblade, criss-cross, fast forward, no rewind. Forge away with permanency.

Mindset opened the gates to absurdities, they spray painted their wants and desires.
✪ Model – Magenta mannequin

‘Boots on’ – Three part series – No.1/3
Bootlaces knee high. Mechanical, electrical. Infusion spreading throughout my body. Mind razor sharp. Message received DESTROY!

Artwork in particular for the background was inspired after watching Altered Carbon + this artist is in a new stage of ‘back to me’ after having a baby 7 months ago. Boots on again, no stopping me in my tracks.

Alt from the previous image posted at play.

Smoke and mirrors. Reflections collide. Hello nonsensical. Velvet staircase spiralling down.. Don’t move. She recalled playing ‘statues’ when a child.

Masters of Darkness challenge no.137 on Instagram
@_mastersofdarkness_ #septum_noctium_137 #masters_of_darkness
Raw image – @obscuras_darkness
Art by day, at night watched Van Helsing, hello nightmares x3 nights!

The sanctuary gates recite spoken word. They slam shut the moment they have your attention, then back to ‘creak, creak’. Gargoyles descend from their posts. Bells resonate. Street lights on. Knifes and forks play hide and seek. The monochromatic feast is now a full spectrum of colour and mayhem.

Submerged in black. An alt to the previous post.

Drawers shut. A myriad of small creatures resume to their bespoke chairs. Smoke and mirrors are the real deal, not props in this show.

Going up! Ding! Declared the voice recording inside the lift. Doors close. Sludge and floating debris waltz. Make daIsy chains! Exclaimed the rotting apple! Yeah whatever.. ’Dream A Little Dream Of Me’ is muffled by the speakers filling with water. The siren can here it loud and clear.

Welcome to Freakytown! Carnivorous plants, neon lights, rollercoaster smiles. Gigantic snails make pop up slides. Float like never before in our piranha infested waters, free body piercing to the lucky charmed.

Nine lives, one queen. Incandescent leaves, a theatrical enclosure. Squirrels with bleeding eye sockets sing Opera. A carousel horse enraptured, fountains confetti from its mouth. Quick! Change channels! Victorian undergarments parade. Hault! Metal on metal. Water pools of ornate creation come to life. Submerge me, meow! ✪ Model – Magenta mannequin

The Virtuoso Museum, stripped of art, a secret life. Location undisclosed. Within the garden beds, dolls march at 1am, resting by day. Illuminated tentacles graze the plastic skin to the inanimate objects. A doll head batting an eyelid uncontrollably mutters on repeat ‘light switch on.. light switch off’. ✪ Model – Magenta mannequin

Voices from yesteryear weave their fragmented calls, once angelic, now painted black. The spirits compete with each other, their ritual. If you find it blood-curdling outside, there are freaks alive inside! Through the window, weeds grow within the cracks that the pavement nurses. Floor boards creak, fabrics flow from their bodies, almost luminous, mesmerising. They pace the rooms, faces without expression, until disturbed. I’ll stay outside.. ✪ Model – Magenta mannequin

Stephen King’s – ‘It’ is at the cinemas here in Australia, I look forward to seeing it and finishing the book, love it, my little writings below are inspired by this.✪ Model – Magenta mannequin

Magenta closes her eyes. The film reel starts to turn, lighting low.. Sound takes the visual by hand, amplification, the magicians work is done. The clown spins the old fashioned prize wheel, locking eyes onto audience members of interest. The balloons reflect the final scenes that the neon lights tried to prevent. Short circuiting all at once.✪ Model – Magenta mannequin

The Queen of the Night rests dormant, awaiting cues. The final curtain of daytime rises, nightfall paints the fringes to this theatre. Her senses come to life if predators find their way to her. A vintage monkey toy feasts on black berries within her bewitched crown. They spawn anew as fast as they are devoured. The dolls start to sharpen their spade like teeth on protruding branches, guarding the Crown Jewels is all they know.✪ Model – Magenta mannequin

High pitched voices switch between harmony and haphazard discord. Shrills of the dolly twins awake Cynthia statue outside. Cassette tapes now transition to fast forward. The mayhem begins ✪ Model – Magenta mannequin

‘Mannequin a day’ came to light or rather dark.. inspired by Noah Scalin’s blog ‘Skull-A-Day’. Photography and a love of styling of clothes as quite frankly I couldn’t fit them anymore but someone else could, my mannequin Magenta! Due to complications with my pregnancy, unfortunately I could not drive far or carry much, but I needed a good distraction so I decided to dress up Magenta every day, entering the land of creativity, yes escapism via art.

Magenta is adolescent in age & has a permanent seating position but she seems ok with that. I found at moments in time, after hours of photography, she almost comes to life as through the lens I get this feeling she is done for the day, respect..

When Mannequin-a-day started, I was unsure as to whether I was committing to a short duration or a continual project. So many ideas come to play, getting darker and more surreal in nature. An addiction has spawn! I wrote to Noah to express my thanks for being an amazing inspiration, Noah featured my art on his website ‘Make Something 365 and Get Unstuck’. This was simply ACE!

A newly titled ‘Mysterious Girl Magenta’ post is the continuation as my main focus is my beautiful ‘real’ girl Amelie.

Here’s Magenta at the beginning of the project.

Down the yellow plastic road here to the ‘Mannequin a day gallery’

Mannequin-a-day – Day 73 – Nostaglia always summoned her back when she heard the piano, no matter how faint..

Mannequin-a-day – Day 72 – Rustling leaves orchestrated by footsteps and other means, now at a low. Ravens return to their haunt. The woods catch up on sleep, swapping turns as a gatekeepers eye. Bare Winter trees host unknown flowering fruit to it’s character. The late evening breeze plays it’s part, carrying seeds of the flowering of the strange.

Mannequin-a-day – Day 71 – Analogue tv lines met her eyes. Clouds watch over the forest hyped with activity. Freaks grow & reduce in size, they slip under & through the cracks. Overgrown moss, shrubs and mud stain the carpets to the cottage, dampened from the outside in. Windows play tricks, rainbows mute in colour never witnessed. Gingerbread anyone?
Model (mannequin) – The alluring and sinister Magenta

Mannequin-a-day – Day 70 – She was surprised to the extent of her magic powers. Eyes fixated, the garden morphed into new formations at her whim. Carnivorous plants and freakish characters moved like tumbleweed landing into unknown territory, taking new shape. They continued to thrive within the garden bed of the obscure, until of course, their time was up.

Mannequin-a-day – Day 69 – Never mind the lingering creatures in flight, they like to stir the spirits resting in the valley. Victorian books replaced branches in the withering trees. A labyrinth of parts, skulls and bones are littered through the undergrowth, delicious witchery is again at play.

Mannequin-a-day – Day 68 – Lost in wilderness and time, a brooding immortality blackens her eyes. Imagination hijacked by unforeseeable forces. Her surroundings sewed and stitched by velvet archives. Hallucinatory light made kaleidoscopic patterns.

Mannequin-a-day – Day 67 – The theatre awakens with the sound of beating hearts. A lair, a dark sanctuary for lust. Alchemy of feelings, imagination set free. Ornate gowns are brought to life by sleepwalkers, woken by spirits to perform further deeds. No exit, did you read the sign? This theatre is like no other..

Mannequin-a-day – Day 66 – Gazing hosts warned the majestic creek bed had been poisoned. The luminous water opened up the gateway, the procession began.

Mannequin-a-day – Day 65 – On the fringes, the dilapidated garden palace endured lightening flashes, bells chimed, ravens took shelter & waited. Her people wildly rose, sirens made formations in the sea down below. Sounds of joy and grief.

Mannequin-a-day – Day 64 – Untangling natures web, her hopes and dreams cemented to bone. Magic woven, medicine taken, an inability to mend, she had fun trying though, heh heh.. Last breath, exhalation of vapours, bone to ash.

Mannequin-a-day – Day 63 – She finished her work when the jewellery box sound from her childhood stopped in her head. The last chime resonated as a full stop & a new beginning..

Mannequin-a-day – Day 62 – An underneath passage, she climbed down whilst weeds & branches brushed her face. Freaky dolls drapping haphazardly surrounded her, bobbing in motion to the tunnel channeling wind. She ascended up to a cave. She instinctively knew her role, called upon by others. Taking strength from the spirits, she laid the dead to rest.

Mannequin-a-day – Day 61 – Planet Peculiar hello.. Silhouettes appeared for a brief moment in close proximity, lurking in formations imagined somewhere between love and death. Their departure saw them waltzing both merrily & with demented force up the hall. A clown splattered with blood covering a large percentage of his costume ushered us into the cylindrical sphere voicing ‘some balloons are waiting for you both on the other side’.

Mannequin-a-day – Day 60 – Artificial light, ghosts drifting, chemicals, it thrives..

Mannequin-a-day – Day 59 – Waking dreamland, or grave reality? Echoes from the hills seep into the soul. Illuminations gave clarity and chilled us to the bone. Stars of fading glamour masked the gateway of no return.

Mannequin-a-day – Day 58 – ‘What we are dealing with is a total lack of respect for the law’ – Pop Will Eat Itself & The Prodigy (Their Law – track)

Mannequin-a-day – Day 57 – After midnight, evil hour! Frolic play. Unveil the immortal gates of deep sapphire blaze. Alleys green, moss covered branches sample delicious witchery. Beauty burns. They leave in dust to rest.

Mannequin-a-day – Day 56 – Sound magnified, a tangled garden met her eyes. Moonlit pond, trees bare, silver creatures rose. Chilled dark intimacy of the grounds glittered at her. Put me to sleep in the cloudy pink water.

Note – ‘The Lady of Shalott’ by painter John William Waterhouse, I’ve added this beauty to the artwork in her hand. Stairs etc to the right are from my dolls house project.

Mannequin-a-day – Day 55 – Parlour windows, hazy vapours, moonless night, her complexion dressed in rusty weeds. Lucifer sent a telegram, helpless words, ingrained in terror. ‘Don’t let me dream, no warning, no amount of mercy’. Wickedness pursued, roses fell into hands lining the dark road. Wolves nod with pantomime fits. Tears walked the room. The ceremony cake found another looking glass. Bloodshot eyes declared red geraniums were at play.

Mannequin-a-day – Day 54 – His character, no softening shadows, cruel facts, his only daughter, possessed. Cautiously he demanded ‘No my pretty, bottles of champagne, no tea, regrets or disappointments, you will start in two minutes’. A bell rang, or was it a birds shrill passing through an equaliser? Magenta replied ‘listen mutton of all chops! I propose a toast, your fate? To be buried under that trap-door into the solid earth come July, ha!’

Mannequin-a-day – Day 53 – Determined gaze, fog lingering near the churchyard gate. Urchins clustered, veterinary surgeon’s ate marmalade. A tiny note ‘Visitors enliven my shady winter months’. A message from the outer world.

Mannequin-a-day – Day 52 – Dear Magenta, I’m afraid of lurking roundabouts, in parks. Will you marry me? The landlord, I want to run down, with my lawnmower, early next morning. I smoke dried cabbage leaves, sometimes. I understand cold pork might produce this soothing atmosphere. Give me back thirteen postage stamps, Kevin mannequin. The note, ditch, send him the strongest green tea, five days old, there will be bloodshed, frail branches, black shadows, looming trees, goodnight Kevin..

Mannequin-a-day – Day 51 – A cat emerged with sliver star eyes, a trail of ashes. White lawn, ornate statues, marble steps, she went inside. Black chandelier, muted colours drink cocktails, neon lights flickered, the amusement park enjoyed a ghostly pause.

Mannequin-a-day – Day 50 – Bend and stretch! Reach for a whip.. Look if that’s what’s in her toy box it’s totally out of my control ^-^

Mannequin-a-day – Day 49 – Music weaving day dreams, tree-tops aglow, laugh, shout! Colourful afternoon, hallucinatory light, wintery trance. Eyes clouded, sweet recreation..

Mannequin-a-day – Day 48 – Experiments exposed to light. Shutters closed, come out, justify my appetite. Chorus of echoes delighted, finale, farewell performance, darkness accelerated.. Shadows promised a quiet Summer. *Note – Water pistol not gun, bright yellow ‘A’ is the happy clue…

Mannequin-a-day – Day 48 – She steps into la selva subterranea (the underground forest), trampling flower beds, eyes a box of magic. Lilac tree dazzles her, cats in mythological form purr, strange flowers stroke her face. A bride pulls back her black lustre veil ‘unfortunately you are part of the cinema, trimmed with technicolor’. Guillotine closed.

Mannequin-a-day – Day 47 – High ceilings, rustic bed, stay.. Pile of clothes, white body, winter fruit, flesh and blood illuminated, flowers to ashes, burned notes, into his pocket. Black crown, wings approach, her skirt screamed, her suspender belt dived into the undergrowth.

Mannequin-a-day – Day 46 – Madame, to the industrial zone? Without stopping, cross the intersection, along the uneven road, use the alleyway, to the window. Inhabitants, picked up fragments, lost arms, a voice exclaimed ‘we need more spare parts’. Wild dancers, torches, toy whistles, trumpets, fireworks, confetti, laughter, silence.

Mannequin-a-day – Day 45 – Bleached fields, indulgence, porcelain fascination, bliss descends to wickedness, glitter everywhere

Mannequin-a-day – Day 44 – Theatrics impossible to resist, adventurous thrill, a creeping chill, dampness in the air, press record.. the kitten began to play

Mannequin-a-day – Day 43 – Cynthia statue made a special brew of tea, digging, perish, under, did you hear thunder? ..Ok that distraction didn’t work, next to (cause I got busted thrown like a rag doll) the pear tree. Cynthia statue, rest, never to have carrots with the crows & parrots, again.

Mannequin-a-day – Day 41 – I think I’m going to leave my mannequin at the front door with a recorded message, more thought is required for best script methodology

Mannequin-a-day – Day 40 – Little secret, adventures, enchantment, curiosity elevated to worship, come back, black swimming eyes

Mannequin-a-day – Day 40 – extra – Dolls with no pants! Nothing more to add..

Mannequin-a-day – Day 39 – Why have hair clips when you can have bats in your hair right? I took the photos of the bats partying hard way past their bed time last week in Centennial Park (Sydney).

Mannequin-a-day – Day 39 – Still in the red and black zone. Love this poem just found online below..

Roll me between your
Thumb and finger
Make me your art.
Hang me on your wall.

Maybe I’ll stay.

Seduce me
Into your pet,
Your tamed raven.
Keep me in your cage.

Maybe I’ll stay.

Let me drown in-
Soak in-
Suffer through-
Your silence.
Ruin me.

Maybe I’ll stay.
‘Untitled’ – Maddie Ballentine

Mannequin-a-day – Day 38 – Magenta still holds a flame for Kevin mannequin, the wooden monkey states, *let me clear my throat! ‘Sweetheart, you’re the picture of loneliness’ – (Quote actually from the character Oskar Schindler from the film – Schindler’s List)

*Let me clear my throat’ from ‘The Beastie Boys – The New Style

Mannequin-a-day – Day 37 – I wrote a poem about 3-5 years ago about a dead bat I called ‘Henry the Ninth’ who fried himself on the power line that I could see from my kitchen window. When I drew my dodgy cutout bat yesterday, the memory of Henry came flooding back. I can’t find the poem, so the cutout will now retain his name. Artwork in the background, unknown, bought the print in Sydney, the shop also long gone like Henry above.

Mannequin-a-day – Day 36 – May I examine your collection a little?’ asked the white statue, hot tears make kaleidoscope patterns whilst the books lay desolate, artfully blinking. The walnut tree gave a sideways glance colouring her history, refreshments anyone?

Mannequin-a-day – Day 35 – Backstory – The clown featured at the base to this work, the photo was found yesterday looking for another. This was taken in the garage of the last place I lived at. Like a large strip of film flattened for view, this clown photo was on repeat along the wall. Unlike the mystery clown lady, Magenta will never smile for the camera, but she is cool with that.

Mannequin-a-day – Day 34 – Animal spirits, eyes return to detachment, mixing her paints Too late! Dark bunny’s teeth suddenly crossed, stitched, putting ditches in dead ripe fruit, blood ran down

Mannequin-a-day – Day 33 – Porcelain fascination, a spell, sounds, murmurs, footsteps, it moves my instruments and jars, playing tricks, feeding hallucinations to neighbours, mirrors reflecting theatrics, impossible to resist

Mannequin-a-day – Day 32 – Magenta was assigned to watch the garden ‘It had to happen, I’ve got company..’

Mannequin-a-day – Day 31 – ‘he knew that his relationship with her was at the mercy of fortuitous, obscure, and unforeseeable influences.’ – The Fetishist – Michel Tournier, p. 125

Mannequin-a-day – Day 30 – Lets slip through the cracks and off to the woods..

A MURMUR in the trees to note,
Not loud enough for wind;
A star not far enough to seek,
Nor near enough to find;

A long, long yellow on the lawn,
A hubbub as of feet;
Not audible, as ours to us,
But dapperer, more sweet;

A hurrying home of little men
To houses unperceived,—
All this, and more, if I should tell,
Would never be believed.

Of robins in the trundle bed
How many I espy
Whose nightgowns could not hide the wings,
Although I heard them try!

But then I promised ne’er to tell;
How could I break my word?
So go your way and I ’ll go mine,—
No fear you ’ll miss the road.
Emily Dickinson (1830–86) – XC

Mannequin-a-day – Day 29 – Well it’s meant to be, but it’s Sunday here & Magenta would rather spend her time in the hallway spooking people of the house. One of her hands is on my desk watching me from a close distance. Title of work ‘The girl with kaleidoscope eyes’ a line from ‘Lucy in the sky with diamonds’ via The Beatles due to searching online ‘kaleidoscope’ and thought yes that works with the pic. – Model – Jess Martin

Mannequin-a-day – Day 28 – Dare I ask.. Is it time to come out of the cupboard? I think so.. Three photos about town in Sydney morphed into one. There was a great DJ mix on the radio when I saw the cupboard yesterday, art won this time, but that is cause I know I can get my hands on the music still ^-^

Mannequin-a-day – Day 27 – FROM us she wandered now a year,
Her tarrying unknown;
If wilderness prevent her feet,
Or that ethereal zone

No eye hath seen and lived,
We Ignorant must be.
We only know what time of year
We took the mystery. – Emily Dickinson (1830–86) – CIX

Mannequin-a-day – Day 27 extra – DEATH is a dialogue between
The spirit and the dust.
“Dissolve,” says Death. The Spirit, “Sir,
I have another trust.”

Death doubts it, argues from the ground.
The Spirit turns away,
Just laying off, for evidence,
An overcoat of clay.
Emily Dickinson (1830–86) – XXXI

Mannequin-a-day – Day 26 – Today my laptop and a geri computer ganged up on me. The laptop I’m thinking was invaded by the weeping angels from a Doctor Who series and now playing dead, the other just blah and more blah. RAAAAAA & GRRRRRR to both of you with the F word as a final salute. This artwork is dedicated to both these fxxkers, Magenta and friends are watching you..

Mannequin-a-day – Day 25 – You shine through the darkness, A single flame in a sea of emptiness. I am drawn to you, Captivated by your secret beauty. Wonder seeps through your every aspect, An air of mystery surrounds you. I watch from afar, Observing your every emotion. Hope emits from your presence, A faith so strong it overwhelms nature. Suddenly you go out. And once again I am Lost In this Sea of emptiness. – ‘Candle’ – Poetry by – ‘Oh my stars’

Mannequin-a-day – Day 25, extra – The Oenanthe crocata plant found in Europe, contains a killer toxin, oenanthotoxin. If digested the plant relaxes the muscles around your lips and forces you to smile, even when you’re in the throes of fatal convulsions, however my bunch of flowers I hope just make you smile, without permanency!

Mannequin-a-day – Day 24 – Chance memories, thoughts more saturated, zoning in and out, the flowering of the strange.

Mannequin-a-day – Day 23 – Creatures of the night awake..

Mannequin-a-day – Day 22 – Like stars in the night, Guiding wandering souls home, Marbles of delight – Davor Milijkovic | Model – Jess Martin

Mannequin-a-day – Day 21 – Will you be a wallflower or ringmaster in all his/her splendour from the circus passing through town, or?

Mannequin-a-day – Day 20 – Backstory
Returning from her weekly clown gig, Magenta saw Kevin mannequin in the shop window with someone else & saw intimacy.

She is trying on ring sizes but on the flipside all she can think about is sawing Kevin & it might not be pretty..

(Kevin’s name was chosen due to the character Kevin the cat from the series ‘Portlandia’, loved this episode in particular)

Mannequin-a-day – Day 19 – Artwork title ‘The lost province of Akebia’

Mannequin-a-day – Day 18 – On the threshold between existence and non-existence

Mannequin-a-day – Day 17 – And so it begins..

Mannequin-a-day – Day 16 – Extra! Doll ritual taking place

Mannequin-a-day – Day 16 – ‘She talked in charms & dreams’ – Quote from a treated Victorian novel by Tom Phillips ‘A Humument’ my favourite book from uni days and perhaps current from a creative perspective

Mannequin-a-day – Day 16 – ‘Unicorn’ – deeper than the skies is the mystery of her eyes, deeper than the ocean, is the dance of her walk in motion, deeper than the wild, is her voice so powerful but tenderly mild, deeper than the depths of the universe, falling in love with such a girl is yet, but a blessing and a curse…’
Poetry – Zina Lisha

Mannequin-a-day – Day 15 – An alternative darker version to the previous days shoot, plus different ‘fabric’ makeup, some filters & in the real world baby powder, next time utilised outside!

Mannequin-a-day – Day 14 – Undefined activities a happening thing..

Mannequin-a-day – Day 13 – ‘The sweetest fruit, Falls deeply in the river, Of wondrous romance’ – James Cottrell. Other photos of Magenta had this poem inside the frame more close up to read, but I chose this one as she looks like she’s an extension from the protea flower bunch

Mannequin-a-day – Day 12 – ‘We’re so wonderfully wonderfully wonderfully
Wonderfully pretty! Oh you know that I’d do anything for you’ – Lyrics sampled from ‘The LoveCats’ – The Cure

Mannequin-a-day – Day 11 – ‘I am the lizard queen!’

Mannequin-a-day – Day 10 – Hard times.. but this cake is worth fighting for ^-^ Mandy (fab house with retro brilliance within, wig & accessories) & Ali (killer pavlova maker) thank-you both all round xx

Mannequin-a-day – Day 9 – Lighting, low, appetite for love, high..
Inspired by Aubrey Beardsley’s illustrations, that are dream like exotic, kinky, erotic and fetish amongst theatrical and lavish garden settings etc.

Mannequin-a-day – Day 8 – Magenta in her ‘Grimes’ t-shirt and sticker, sitting pretty in her ‘princess faux foliage’ clip. Resin jewellery made by the gal taking the photo with plastic animals, star cut foil and ribbons etc within. Seahorse swizzle stick kidnapped from a bar, now enjoying downtime like no other..

Mannequin-a-day – Day 7 – Stop and smell the roses.. Femme fatale, red equals love and danger! Two photos as one with an added graphic made from scratch to go.

Mannequin-a-day – Day 6 – Magenta’s werewolf skeleton friend looks super cute after surgery this morning adding his right eye. Mannequin power activated with Magenta’s fairy light ball to ward off evil spirits. Found my Barbie arm ear-rings this morning, another surgery procedure totally worth doing.. Will upload one or two variations to this photo in a few days time.

Mannequin-a-day – Day 5 – Pets are great, but a faux chimera skeleton is Magenta’s play feature creature.

Mannequin-a-day – Day 4 – Colour and all things whimsical work for me, on the flipside love the dark, nightfall and freaky things associated. In this photo, a burgundy fabric was hung in the trees to the background, it kind of reminds me of a bleeding heart duelled with Magneta’s right hand resting under her feathered attire near her heart in front. Maybe she holds a flame still for a mannequin in the shop she was bought from? He he

Mannequin-a-day – Day 3 – Magenta is wearing a band t-shirt of Faith No More that happily declares ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY FUCKER’. Inclusive is an alternative view of my pretty to show off her love of cherry docs and striped socks.

Mannequin-a-day – Day 2 – Found within the pages of Dr Seuss book whilst waiting for an ultrasound ‘One fish two fish red fish blue fish’ – ‘Today is gone. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one. Every day, from here to there funny things are everywhere’. Twins! Hollywood style through these diamond windows, not in the photographer :)

Mannequin-a-day – Day 1 – This free spirited green haired princess always seeks unconventional ways to go about her day. She likes this quote ‘Our lives are like islands in the sea, or like trees in the forest, which commingle their roots in the darkness underground’ – William James

Garden beds of purple and green hues, carpets laid of burgundy and silver find their way onto both floors of this revamped miniature mansion. After walks around local areas to where I live, inspiration has lead me to make a tiled floor pathway for the front of house. Some of the glass tiles where painted with nail polish to get the right cohesion. Most of the artificial flowers where purchased from the same place as they have such great variety and detail.

Ivory embossed paper blankets the exterior of the building, love the texture of the floral print! Lots of slow moving work to the exterior area of the staircase where the stained glass bird window panes reside.

The carousel has been pushed to the side line unfortunately again as need to be in the right head space, whoa! Still working on the front garden in the midst as to what will surround the water feature and fence to the property, then down the back garden path to be lead astray!

Space has become an issue as the garden is literally growing in all directions. The two matching flower bed bases that will surround the circular hedge where my beloved unicorn will reside has tiaras and other elements from an artificial hedge to make up the base frame, positioned onto pieces of timber cut to size with a jigsaw. Once fixed all in place and spray painted white, the artificial foliage was glued in place.

The pineapple feature was an uncertainty like other recent additions but after much toying has blended more successfully, still more refining to go across the board.

garden_bed1 garden_bed2
prehistoria_carpet1 prehistoria_carpet2

front_house_wallpaper1 front_house_wallpaper2 front_house_wallpaper3 bird_tower

Refining and wonderous additions welcomed like the chandeliers added and tested with glee.. After positioning the lights in place, had to order extension parts and drill holes where elements best fit out of sight. The floor bases on the middle and top right rooms where mapped out by pressing into and cutting around the creases into paper. Will further work this guide to get a near exact mapping, as I have a lovely burgundy velvet fabric with hints of cherry to rest on top of thin foam core.

The interior panels to the front of house, has lead-light panels added some time ago, now has green felt surrounding with varied plastic foliage. The bulk of it was from one piece with a grid backing where I could cut panels out and add other faux vines with ease.

Long overdue is the central animal feature for the top of the interior stage, a unicorn. No surprises there. Attached is a flower piece from a vintage Barbie from the 1970’s amongst paper roses and other artificial pretties. Finally sealed off this area where the animals reside within with a gold crocheted scarf of roses cut to size and glued in position, such a great find from Vinnies, has saved me so much time.

A light spray of gold, green, white and silver where added to areas throughout the interior and exterior of the house. Refinements to this dolls house are in full swing, skirting boards, odd ends and and pieces previously left unfinished are now flowering or in completion.

Still to do on the house is finish the floors, stain the floorboards; this is after I experiment to get the right colour as I don’t want the stainer to take to much. Will try a clear with green paint to give a moss induced look as well as try a coloured traditional stain. Also finish the new pineapple tower that’s still evolving as well as add a lovely white satin handmade paper to the external walls of the house.

On a mission to finish the house in totality then back very soon to the enticement of the gardens and wonders outside and more focus again on the written material.













A garden that talks in charms and dreams.. Artichokes flowering of plastic nature, parading a skirt of purple little pretties. This surreal predominantly plastic miniature world is thriving in growth, glue gun top speed!

There is now three main features of the front garden, a now hybrid native gum tree (branch found in the back yard) with fern leaves, to the left, a unicorn ‘show pony’ starring in it’s circular bed on the left and a water feature on the right.

Bought lots of new props a few days ago for the front fence to be, seem to be on an animal fetish still, there is an owl and bunny rabbit as side kicks.

Also working on the left panel of the house that’s been neglected and back to the door features. Had to fill in the holes with putty on the door handles taken off from the original Barbie mansion. It’s nearly time to add the lead-light panels to the doors of what used to be lounge room made a month ago or so.. Still unsure of the handles, have bought many pieces, think I’ll mash up the different prop bits and see what happens.

Had on hand 5 miniature lion statues that were placed around the first layer of the water feature, which rests on a vintage crystal plate, which reminds me of one of the water features in the Botanical Gardens in Sydney. Other layers are predominantly glass, metal and a resin miniature water feature. Made in stages, cut up cardboard pieces were added to the base of the lion statues, added a timber panel to each piece at the front. Glued each piece in position adding putty to the sides, then glued the rest in place with all pieces painted white. Have some artificial foliage to add, also for the gum tree which stems from a plastic pipe base used for plumbing purposes, found at the hardware store.

The base to the tree centre piece needed a bit more work, decided to add some plastic animals, found three that worked well together and lightly painted them white, more work required before a glimpse to date. For now, back to my ice-cream whilst ideas are at play..

water feature near completion

The 'show pony' unicorn

water feature in development

A merry-go-round with carousel horses and a unicorn equals love.. Still working on the house which is still a joy, but starting the gardens full throttle is a good change of scenery and challenges ahead. The merry-go-round is developing at a faster rate than expected, however mainly conceptually as awaiting goods, inclusive of a range of miniature vintage carousel horses from America. Really beautiful pieces as per one of the photos attached. Think the merry-go-round might witness its own demise, thinking the carousel horses have a grand departure, or be set in their original placements, won’t know till I receive the pretties..

unicorn and friends

A revamp of the animal featured panel front left of the house and development of the back featured panel. The three animals (yes, they don’t look happy do they?) in the photo below were evicted due to the fine detail of the animals (Schleich) purchased recently for the back of the house. The peacock is now the centre piece at the front and a unicorn (still to be added) at the back.

animals out

animals in

animal costuming

animals front of house

seal, back of house

Lead lighting on the front door & main room were completed. A simple design worked on for the main room and gorgeous frost patterned glass for the main front door. Just bought more artificial foliage to surround the interior door, maybe a dark overgrown setting to come.






Much work a happening thing on the roof, new tiles, fashioned cookie bread men style, further back yard development and more work on the Barbie surreal feature on the front left of the house.









Very cool to receive via the post some miniature statues from Greece (Nike of Samothrace and Aphrodite of Milos) which influenced the blankets of white throughout the back garden. Will show hints of colour with the creeping roses and merry-go-round as the main feature.

Prior to recent work, naughty me hasn’t been updating this blog for the past weeks. A lot of work primarily on the top right room facing the house, on the curtains as well as coloured glass panels inserted. Refinements within the house and the exterior on the intricate detail, inclusive of making it more sturdy. This dilapidated palace will need to be moved soon for a light spray of gold paint. Over the next week or two, it’s working on the doors and their surrounds, designing the front yard, finishing the animal panel at the back with a unicorn as the centre piece, and?

This girl, purchased lots of great materials the last few days to amp the progression into my art. For the interior, coloured & decorative glass in clear & colour, for some of the window & door panels. Haven’t done any lead lighting in many years, so always nervous cutting the glass. Ok so far.. Also got some great Art Deco rubber stamps which I pressed into the clay covered wall of the top left floor. I might like the colour pink but it’s really got to go.. Also using ear-rings, shells, fake flowers & the last object ‘stamp’ was the back pattern of a plastic dinosaur, ROAR!

Finished the main frame to the ramp that connects the staircase to the top floor. Need to work on all of the floors for both the top & bottom levels, maybe more stamps as such a therapeutic thing to do! Also need finish the lighting as a priority before the floors to hide the tiny cables in the best fashion.

For the exterior, last two days have been thinking more seriously about the design for the front and back yards, in-particular the merry-go-round as the centre piece to the back garden, mocking it up with items on hand.

Got some great stuff today from a site online in Melbourne (Tom Thumbs Miniature Emporium), will use their old fashioned red sofas & x4 ornate mirrored hall stands to be fastened onto some sort of rectangle beam as the stem for the merry-go-round. Bought the basic mechanic structure of a ‘lazy susan’ online, to go underneath a plastic potting tray (once a base is added).

Cleaned up all my small accessories in a neat packaging box, ah, the benefits of finding things quick! Have really cranked the pace of recent, determined to finish the gardens asap so I can move onto the written material, costumes and elements to the merry-go-round, like the carrousel horses. Much respect to one of my favourite artists for inspiration ‘Edward Kienholz’, his mesmerising work seen at the MCA ‘The Merry-Go-World Or Begat By Chance And The Wonder Horse Trigger’.

Faux grass reminds me of New York, have also fond memories of the gorgeous merry-go-round & ornate park, Bryant Park. I just looked it up then, so gorgeous, I have a similar however miniature version to the real fence guarding their splendorous ride! Mine in white however :)

The front yard has a bird bath feature on top of a circular hedge, made of a dodgy old plastic clock & a vintage sweets tray turned up-side-down. I covered the clock face with faux grass then surrounded the frame to the clock in faux leaves from a topiary ball, the glue gun running at top speed! And so the fun continues..














top_floor_2 this a nondescript place, on the stairs a red theatrical feel, faux velvet, once lightly painted, they should fit within this meshed landscape of obscurity! Tried glitzy small squares, various other trimmings, settled with many layers of fabric & red ribbon to make more sharp angles on the each stair. For extra detail are my pseudo bright lights, multicoloured circles on a strip, whoa! Love the pretend tree trunk added to the left of the staircase. As my sister pointed out, there is no linkage between the stairs and the top floor. I had previously thought & bought elements for this area, but yes time to revisit and get this sorted.. Have some Mediterranean styled miniature pieces, originally I was to add a swing, still might, this is the next few weeks little project.

The staircase underneath has the barebones look, made from pre-made miniature timber skirting, sawed to size.

Looking down from the rooftop in the ornate frame, welcoming painted brown bear, seal and giraffe as new recruits to the plastic animal family. Still not convinced of the giraffe as is, think once he/she is painted & has extra detail he/she will cut it with the rest.

On the top floor, across the board, have utilised a pair of cut up faded green fishnet stockings throughout, previously mine, then my mannequin Magenta previously known as Manny, sported them for a few years. Also incorporated the ‘most expensive’ faux foilage piece as there is only so much $2 numbers you can get! Will definitely get another down the track to use within a surreal wig.

















Tinkerbell styled gal in my doll house, one costume half worked out already! :) Post titled accordingly as the light from the tested chandelier is a small but equally brilliant illumination, scattering flickers of colour by reflection. Recall being memorised by chandeliers when I was a little girl, equaling a mouthful of fairy-floss and more recent times, last July, seeing fireflies at an outdoor concert in Prospect Park, Brooklyn NY, whilst Kishi Bashi was on stage, unreal!

Tonight is about sorting the lighting, where the cords go & how to hide them. Costumes need to be worked out. I actually drew some years ago a green bug style outfit, time to find it or revamp from memory, it’s green for go..

tiny and pretty one

light globes next to one Australian dollar