Puss in boots no more

Studio photo shoot competition - 'Puss in boots no more'

Ornate ringmaster to glamorous goddess.. It’s the ‘Puss in boots no more’ photo competition. A striped pair of long socks &/or ornate stockings are part of the outfit (no boots or shoes). 

*For Sydney residents + AU16+ only – See Terms and Conditions below.

Details to enter the competition, will be advised when the time is right with the current coronavirus climate here & via  facebook.com/ultravioletlair.

Which carousel horse, giraffe or unicorn will you ride?

The first image, ripped out from a i-D magazine ages ago, using this as a rough guide for one shoot. Mask ordered, hat in transit from England, jacket too.. This idea for the shoot will be edited in Photoshop. Have a two wonderfu skirts perfect for it, red and dark blue.

Another outfit is currently being altered as one with an alterations expert. Hurray! To be shown when received, inclusive of the headpiece previously posted with Dolly Delicious that works like a treat with a black taffeta skirt. It’s sassy all the way to the circus tent top!

Running duration for the 'Puss in boots no more' competition

Start date: TBA – COMPETITION HAS NOW BEEN POSTPONED until the Coronavirus climate is under control | social distancing lifted here in Sydney, New South Wales
End date: TBA – As per the above

Terms and conditions for photo shoot competition

Photography for this shoot – *BOTH START AND FINISH DATES TO COMPETITION TBA due to Coronavirus situation.

The winner of this shoot must have their own transport to get to and from the studio at Bowen Mountain (Hawkesbury area in Sydney) on the day.

The winning entry (one person, not a group of people) will be chosen on the most creative, thought provoking sentence. *The winning entry will be the announced – TBA.

*As many sentence entries are accepted to this photo shoot competition ‘Puss in boots no more’, however all must be received – TBA

Ultra Violet Lair has the permission of the winner to showcase imagery from this shoot on all online and print mediums.

What the entrant winner will receive

The entrant winner (one person) to Ultra Violet Lair’s photo shoot competition, on the day of the shoot (as agreed and confirmed by both parties) will have their makeup professionally applied by a makeup artist. Three professional retouched digital images (one per outfit) based on three different outfits on the day. One digital file creative portrait made from one of the selected three final retouched images. All other quality photos on a USB stick. And a damn good time! Valued at $2.1K

On a final note, Ultra Violet Lair will not use or sell your private information to anyone else. This competition is purely a celebration of Ana’s photography studio opening, showcasing what Ultra Violet Lair does, as well as adding some colour to this current world amongst the grey.

Outside Ultra Violet Lair's control

Two reasons TOTALLY worth the wait. The grey vintage style top hat and ornate military top was ordered 25 March from England. Ultra Violet Lair would like to receive this to use as a costume prop within the photo shoot.


Due to the social distancing/shutdown associated with to the Corona Virus (COVID-19), Ultra Violet Lair is NOW POSTPONING this competition and will get this happening once the green light has happened ASAP!