Mannequin-a-day – Day 26 – Today my laptop and a geri computer ganged up on me. The laptop I’m thinking was invaded by the weeping angels from a Doctor Who series and now playing dead, the other just blah and more blah. RAAAAAA & GRRRRRR to both of you with the F word as a final salute. This artwork is dedicated to both these fxxkers, Magenta and friends are watching you..

Mannequin-a-day – Day 25 – You shine through the darkness, A single flame in a sea of emptiness. I am drawn to you, Captivated by your secret beauty. Wonder seeps through your every aspect, An air of mystery surrounds you. I watch from afar, Observing your every emotion. Hope emits from your presence, A faith so strong it overwhelms nature. Suddenly you go out. And once again I am Lost In this Sea of emptiness. – ‘Candle’ – Poetry by – ‘Oh my stars’

Mannequin-a-day – Day 25, extra – The Oenanthe crocata plant found in Europe, contains a killer toxin, oenanthotoxin. If digested the plant relaxes the muscles around your lips and forces you to smile, even when you’re in the throes of fatal convulsions, however my bunch of flowers I hope just make you smile, without permanency

Mannequin-a-day – Day 24 – Chance memories, thoughts more saturated, zoning in and out, the flowering of the strange

Mannequin-a-day – Day 23 – Creatures of the night awake

Mannequin-a-day – Day 22 – Like stars in the night, Guiding wandering souls home, Marbles of delight – Davor Milijkovic | Model – Jess Martin

Mannequin-a-day – Day 21 – Will you be a wallflower or ringmaster in all his/her splendour from the circus passing through town, or?

Mannequin-a-day – Day 20 – Backstory
Returning from her weekly clown gig, Magenta saw Kevin mannequin in the shop window with someone else & saw intimacy.

She is trying on ring sizes but on the flipside all she can think about is sawing Kevin & it might not be pretty..

(Kevin’s name was chosen due to the character Kevin the cat from the series ‘Portlandia’, loved this episode in particular)

Mannequin-a-day – Day 19 – Artwork title ‘The lost province of Akebia’

Mannequin-a-day – Day 18 – On the threshold between existence and non-existence

Mannequin-a-day – Day 17 – And so it begins..

Mannequin-a-day – Day 16 – Extra! Doll ritual taking place

Mannequin-a-day – Day 16 – ‘She talked in charms & dreams’ – Quote from a treated Victorian novel by Tom Phillips ‘A Humument’ my favourite book from uni days and perhaps current from a creative perspective

Mannequin-a-day – Day 16 – ‘Unicorn’ – deeper than the skies is the mystery of her eyes, deeper than the ocean, is the dance of her walk in motion, deeper than the wild, is her voice so powerful but tenderly mild, deeper than the depths of the universe, falling in love with such a girl is yet, but a blessing and a curse…’
Poetry – Zina Lisha

Mannequin-a-day – Day 15 – An alternative darker version to the previous days shoot, plus different ‘fabric’ makeup, some filters & in the real world baby powder, next time utilised outside!

Mannequin-a-day – Day 14 – Undefined activities a happening thing..

Mannequin-a-day – Day 13 – ‘The sweetest fruit, Falls deeply in the river, Of wondrous romance’ – James Cottrell. Other photos of Magenta had this poem inside the frame more close up to read, but I chose this one as she looks like she’s an extension from the protea flower bunch

Mannequin-a-day – Day 12 – ‘We’re so wonderfully wonderfully wonderfully
Wonderfully pretty! Oh you know that I’d do anything for you’ – Lyrics sampled from ‘The LoveCats’ – The Cure

Mannequin-a-day – Day 11 – ‘I am the lizard queen!’

Mannequin-a-day – Day 10 – Hard times.. but this cake is worth fighting for ^-^ Mandy (fab house with retro brilliance within, wig & accessories) & Ali (killer pavlova maker) thank-you both all round xx

Mannequin-a-day – Day 9 – Lighting, low, appetite for love, high..
Inspired by Aubrey Beardsley’s illustrations, that are dream like exotic, kinky, erotic and fetish amongst theatrical and lavish garden settings etc.

Mannequin-a-day – Day 8 – Magenta in her ‘Grimes’ t-shirt and sticker, sitting pretty in her ‘princess faux foliage’ clip. Resin jewellery made by the gal taking the photo with plastic animals, star cut foil and ribbons etc within. Seahorse swizzle stick kidnapped from a bar, now enjoying downtime like no other..

Mannequin-a-day – Day 7 – Stop and smell the roses.. Femme fatale, red equals love and danger! Two photos as one with an added graphic made from scratch to go.

Mannequin-a-day – Day 6 – Magenta’s werewolf skeleton friend looks super cute after surgery this morning adding his right eye. Mannequin power activated with Magenta’s fairy light ball to ward off evil spirits. Found my Barbie arm ear-rings this morning, another surgery procedure totally worth doing.. Will upload one or two variations to this photo in a few days time.

Mannequin-a-day – Day 5 – Pets are great, but a faux chimera skeleton is Magenta’s play feature creature

Mannequin-a-day – Day 4 – Colour and all things whimsical work for me, on the flipside love the dark, nightfall and freaky things associated. In this photo, a burgundy fabric was hung in the trees to the background, it kind of reminds me of a bleeding heart duelled with Magneta’s right hand resting under her feathered attire near her heart in front. Maybe she holds a flame still for a mannequin in the shop she was bought from? He he

Mannequin-a-day – Day 3 – Magenta is wearing a band t-shirt of Faith No More that happily declares ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY FUCKER’. Inclusive is an alternative view of my pretty to show off her love of cherry docs and striped socks

Mannequin-a-day – Day 2 – Found within the pages of Dr Seuss book whilst waiting for an ultrasound ‘One fish two fish red fish blue fish’ – ‘Today is gone. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one. Every day, from here to there funny things are everywhere’. Twins! Hollywood style through these diamond windows, not in the photographer :)

Mannequin-a-day – Day 1 – This free spirited green haired princess always seeks unconventional ways to go about her day. She likes this quote ‘Our lives are like islands in the sea, or like trees in the forest, which commingle their roots in the darkness underground’ – William James

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