Creative portraits and art

‘Past the yellow brick road to the right’

A collaboration – Jason @want_that_wave2.0 (Amazing scene image!)

Thank-you to Jason & to Vince at North Shore Tailors (Sydney) for allowing me to photograph his mannequin! Even gave me permission to name her, so I’ve been cheeky & pretended she is a twin. What! OUTRAGEOUS I know…

✪ Models – Introducing from the left, Marcella (Mars, they know her by) & Marcelina (Mace, she carries it with her)

Sit down please. Now, read each line from top to bottom…
You can’t read it all mademoiselle, monsieur? Let me help you..
I am the moon haunt at your service alt world
I am the star sassy unrest in exile as you are

✪ Model – Introducing Brooke, isn’t she stunning!

Note – Base portrait taken by Brooke herself, all other images/words via Ana