Creative Services

Costume Design

Ana draws on her film and theatrical background, working with you to find the right fit to your requirements, to make a tailor-made costume with a fantastical edge. Ana loves finding unique and gorgeous items at a second-hand stores. Custom jewellery can be made to compliment your outfit, or dig into the treasure drawer here at the Lair. See her Artist Statement page for more information to her experience.

To ensure Ana is on cue to make or style a costume that has the extraordinary you all over it, here’s some questions as guidance to help give clarity along the way. Styling at the Lair

Set design to photo retouching

Simple to extravagant, all based on your requirements, such as straight up photography and/or the background to your portrait is cut out and digitally conceived in Photoshop. The Lair has now a black and green screen, dark painted panels and beautiful gold curtains as a background/backdrop.

Ana is currently making a ornate swing decorated with faux foilage (to be used outside once made) and has several chandeliers that can be used within the studio space & outside as a possibility.

Have you any particular items or props you would like to work with? No problem! Bring them along.

Ana has extensive professional photo retouching experience working for high profile companies and a photo studio, hands on creating to the digital realm, it’s a devoted passion to produce works that are unique.

Set design to photo retouching

This section is currently being updated.


Ana is very patient and has a very creative way of photography. I love her work and her way of thinking. She come up with the most beautiful works of art I’ve seen for a while. Absolutely love her work!

Libby Grady – The Little Coffee Shed

It is so much joy to work with Ana! She takes the stress out of tricky design work and infuses so much fun into the process for those of us mere mortals in the blogging world. I love Ana’s magical sense of aesthetics and real attention to the finest details. she went above and beyond for me and took the time to really listen to what I wanted and guide me through the process coming up with lots of options. I am so pleased with the final results. Thanks Ana. I loved spending time in your Lair. Let’s do it again soon.

Bella Wolf – Earthly Delight