Short stop away in Melbourne, last day there was a craft day.. went to a craft making cafe in North Carlton ‘Crafternoon’ for a friends event. Made badges and the best looking bottle opener ever.. using images cut out from a magazine. I went for images comprised of a decadent goth style shoot in a Kurv Magazine titled ‘All I Do Is Want by Cathrine Westergaard’, plus a now mystery floral piece from a separate magazine.

Awesome photography in-particular due to the subtle lighting, delectable costumes, styling and makeup. Right up my alley in terms of styling and art direction, one semi recent example of mine is within this blog titled ‘Lashings of costume’, as part of a lighting course at the Australian Centre for Photography.

I intend on continuing this subtle lighting, with the occasional ‘in your face’ beams of light, also blanketing scenes with artificial rays of colour via a multi coloured LED light, recently wired up with the help of my dad, very cool to learn this! This photo shoot also inspired me to go forth making jewellery, I’d also like to host a jewellery making course.. And get cracking on the art side of things for an exhibition I’d like to do later this year.

As highlighted above, images used in badges and bottle opener, inclusive as a reference – Copyright and talented crew listed are amongst one of the photos.

 Badges and bottle opener (right) WHOA!! Copyright for photo shoot within magazine IMG_0721 Kurv magazine 026, photo shoot Kurv magazine 026, page within..  Kurv magazine 026, page within..