‘Ultra Violet Lair’ is a creative zone under continual construction. A miniature world that flowers when watered with attention. It’s predominantly an overgrown abandoned mansion, it’s foundation a pre-loved Barbie doll house. Ana, the caretaker to this lair, noticed the dolls house from her front garden resting on the footpath, discarded for a council collection. Ana knew what she had to do.. Start renovating!

One of the main architectural features within the dolls house, are dried out choko vines, found on the property of Ana’s previous address, Inner West of Sydney. They reflect the organic nature of this project and other stems of creativity coming to fruition.

Ana’s background is a mixture of work from the chocolate box, graphics & set design for theatre, film, events & various duties within a photography studio. Ana’s current world, front & centre is her baby daughter Amelie (her 7 month old performing artist!) Naturally her window of time for art is now small so it’s focus pocus get cracking!

Finding this ‘treasure’ made her smile wide as it’s the perfect base to build on & photograph items with ease. The dolls house size is 1000 x 900 x 250mm, however if you incorporate the front and courtyard out the back, we are looking about 3 metres in length.

Recordings found here are predominantly lashings of art, stemming to the dark & surreal world of Magenta mannequin. See the ‘Mannequin-a-day post’ for more detail as to how this came about. This project lead the authors passion back to creative styling with her head continually buzzing with ideas.

Due to insufficient space at Ana’s current living setup, delays working on the dolls house & garden will resume down the track. For now, the merry-go-ride of styling with alternative clothes and props, bespoke studio lighting & photography keeps her channelling her vision of having an art exhibition & making a coffee table book to come!

All edits to Ana’s work are her own photos with accompanying words unless noted.