‘Mannequin a day’ is inspired by the fine work & background to Noah Scalin’s blog ‘Skull-A-Day’ via photography and a love of styling with clothes that currently, mainly due to a reason below, I can’t fit anymore, however someone else does. Noah Scalin’s blog page was highlighted within the pages of a book on getting your blog page to more a happening thing. The title resting pretty on the book that is currently in a 10 metre radius from my desk, hiding somewhere within my creative void space. Due to complications with my current pregnancy, at the half way mark right now, unfortunately I can’t drive to far or carry much, even with a trolley, this makes it hard to lug around costume changes & my mannequin known as Magenta, previously known as Manny. But fxxk these restrictions, it’s now or never!

Magenta is adolescent in age & has a permanent seating position but she seems ok with that. I found last week that after hours of photography, like real models she gets to a moment in time when she is ‘done’ for the day. I sometimes push another 10 minutes but this inanimate object of beauty within the camera lens indicates ‘it’s a wrap’, respect..

My favourite place for a photography shoot location to date, love the name too is ‘Field of Mars Reserve’ in Sydney. It has the standard stock park features, but ever-changing snippets to the foliage & greenery, plus a bonus secret location of a wooden path through a mangrove swamp area, perfect for darker & more surreal costumes.

It’s unsure as to whether I’m going for a two week duration for this project or continuing on. More costume ideas came to play last night, I’m definitely up for quality, more interesting shots over quantity. I have a few days work up my sleeve so the ribbon is cut with my imaginary scissors, it’s now time to upload a picture of my girl Magenta. :)

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