Garden beds of purple and green hues, carpets laid of burgundy and silver find their way onto both floors of this revamped miniature mansion. After walks around local areas to where I live, inspiration has lead me to make a tiled floor pathway for the front of house. Some of the glass tiles where painted with nail polish to get the right cohesion. Most of the artificial flowers where purchased from the same place as they have such great variety and detail.

Ivory embossed paper blankets the exterior of the building, love the texture of the floral print! Lots of slow moving work to the exterior area of the staircase where the stained glass bird window panes reside.

The carousel has been pushed to the side line unfortunately again as need to be in the right head space, whoa! Still working on the front garden in the midst as to what will surround the water feature and fence to the property, then down the back garden path to be lead astray!

Space has become an issue as the garden is literally growing in all directions. The two matching flower bed bases that will surround the circular hedge where my beloved unicorn will reside has tiaras and other elements from an artificial hedge to make up the base frame, positioned onto pieces of timber cut to size with a jigsaw. Once fixed all in place and spray painted white, the artificial foliage was glued in place.

The pineapple feature was an uncertainty like other recent additions but after much toying has blended more successfully, still more refining to go across the board.

garden_bed1 garden_bed2
prehistoria_carpet1 prehistoria_carpet2

front_house_wallpaper1 front_house_wallpaper2 front_house_wallpaper3 bird_tower