Refining and wonderous additions welcomed like the chandeliers added and tested with glee.. After positioning the lights in place, had to order extension parts and drill holes where elements best fit out of sight. The floor bases on the middle and top right rooms where mapped out by pressing into and cutting around the creases into paper. Will further work this guide to get a near exact mapping, as I have a lovely burgundy velvet fabric with hints of cherry to rest on top of thin foam core.

The interior panels to the front of house, has lead-light panels added some time ago, now has green felt surrounding with varied plastic foliage. The bulk of it was from one piece with a grid backing where I could cut panels out and add other faux vines with ease.

Long overdue is the central animal feature for the top of the interior stage, a unicorn. No surprises there. Attached is a flower piece from a vintage Barbie from the 1970’s amongst paper roses and other artificial pretties. Finally sealed off this area where the animals reside within with a gold crocheted scarf of roses cut to size and glued in position, such a great find from Vinnies, has saved me so much time.

A light spray of gold, green, white and silver where added to areas throughout the interior and exterior of the house. Refinements to this dolls house are in full swing, skirting boards, odd ends and and pieces previously left unfinished are now flowering or in completion.

Still to do on the house is finish the floors, stain the floorboards; this is after I experiment to get the right colour as I don’t want the stainer to take to much. Will try a clear with green paint to give a moss induced look as well as try a coloured traditional stain. Also finish the new pineapple tower that’s still evolving as well as add a lovely white satin handmade paper to the external walls of the house.

On a mission to finish the house in totality then back very soon to the enticement of the gardens and wonders outside and more focus again on the written material.