A garden that talks in charms and dreams.. Artichokes flowering of plastic nature, parading a skirt of purple little pretties. This surreal predominantly plastic miniature world is thriving in growth, glue gun top speed!

There is now three main features of the front garden, a now hybrid native gum tree (branch found in the back yard) with fern leaves, to the left, a unicorn ‘show pony’ starring in it’s circular bed on the left and a water feature on the right.

Bought lots of new props a few days ago for the front fence to be, seem to be on an animal fetish still, there is an owl and bunny rabbit as side kicks.

Also working on the left panel of the house that’s been neglected and back to the door features. Had to fill in the holes with putty on the door handles taken off from the original Barbie mansion. It’s nearly time to add the lead-light panels to the doors of what used to be lounge room made a month ago or so.. Still unsure of the handles, have bought many pieces, think I’ll mash up the different prop bits and see what happens.

Had on hand 5 miniature lion statues that were placed around the first layer of the water feature, which rests on a vintage crystal plate, which reminds me of one of the water features in the Botanical Gardens in Sydney. Other layers are predominantly glass, metal and a resin miniature water feature. Made in stages, cut up cardboard pieces were added to the base of the lion statues, added a timber panel to each piece at the front. Glued each piece in position adding putty to the sides, then glued the rest in place with all pieces painted white. Have some artificial foliage to add, also for the gum tree which stems from a plastic pipe base used for plumbing purposes, found at the hardware store.

The base to the tree centre piece needed a bit more work, decided to add some plastic animals, found three that worked well together and lightly painted them white, more work required before a glimpse to date. For now, back to my ice-cream whilst ideas are at play..

water feature near completion

The 'show pony' unicorn

water feature in development