A merry-go-round with carousel horses and a unicorn equals love.. Still working on the house which is still a joy, but starting the gardens full throttle is a good change of scenery and challenges ahead. The merry-go-round is developing at a faster rate than expected, however mainly conceptually as awaiting goods, inclusive of a range of miniature vintage carousel horses from America. Really beautiful pieces as per one of the photos attached. Think the merry-go-round might witness its own demise, thinking the carousel horses have a grand departure, or be set in their original placements, won’t know till I receive the pretties..

unicorn and friends

A revamp of the animal featured panel front left of the house and development of the back featured panel. The three animals (yes, they don’t look happy do they?) in the photo below were evicted due to the fine detail of the animals (Schleich) purchased recently for the back of the house. The peacock is now the centre piece at the front and a unicorn (still to be added) at the back.

animals out

animals in

animal costuming

animals front of house

seal, back of house

Lead lighting on the front door & main room were completed. A simple design worked on for the main room and gorgeous frost patterned glass for the main front door. Just bought more artificial foliage to surround the interior door, maybe a dark overgrown setting to come.






Much work a happening thing on the roof, new tiles, fashioned cookie bread men style, further back yard development and more work on the Barbie surreal feature on the front left of the house.









Very cool to receive via the post some miniature statues from Greece (Nike of Samothrace and Aphrodite of Milos) which influenced the blankets of white throughout the back garden. Will show hints of colour with the creeping roses and merry-go-round as the main feature.

Prior to recent work, naughty me hasn’t been updating this blog for the past weeks. A lot of work primarily on the top right room facing the house, on the curtains as well as coloured glass panels inserted. Refinements within the house and the exterior on the intricate detail, inclusive of making it more sturdy. This dilapidated palace will need to be moved soon for a light spray of gold paint. Over the next week or two, it’s working on the doors and their surrounds, designing the front yard, finishing the animal panel at the back with a unicorn as the centre piece, and?