This girl, purchased lots of great materials the last few days to amp the progression into my art. For the interior, coloured & decorative glass in clear & colour, for some of the window & door panels. Haven’t done any lead lighting in many years, so always nervous cutting the glass. Ok so far.. Also got some great Art Deco rubber stamps which I pressed into the clay covered wall of the top left floor. I might like the colour pink but it’s really got to go.. Also using ear-rings, shells, fake flowers & the last object ‘stamp’ was the back pattern of a plastic dinosaur, ROAR!

Finished the main frame to the ramp that connects the staircase to the top floor. Need to work on all of the floors for both the top & bottom levels, maybe more stamps as such a therapeutic thing to do! Also need finish the lighting as a priority before the floors to hide the tiny cables in the best fashion.

For the exterior, last two days have been thinking more seriously about the design for the front and back yards, in-particular the merry-go-round as the centre piece to the back garden, mocking it up with items on hand.

Got some great stuff today from a site online in Melbourne (Tom Thumbs Miniature Emporium), will use their old fashioned red sofas & x4 ornate mirrored hall stands to be fastened onto some sort of rectangle beam as the stem for the merry-go-round. Bought the basic mechanic structure of a ‘lazy susan’ online, to go underneath a plastic potting tray (once a base is added).

Cleaned up all my small accessories in a neat packaging box, ah, the benefits of finding things quick! Have really cranked the pace of recent, determined to finish the gardens asap so I can move onto the written material, costumes and elements to the merry-go-round, like the carrousel horses. Much respect to one of my favourite artists for inspiration ‘Edward Kienholz’, his mesmerising work seen at the MCA ‘The Merry-Go-World Or Begat By Chance And The Wonder Horse Trigger’.

Faux grass reminds me of New York, have also fond memories of the gorgeous merry-go-round & ornate park, Bryant Park. I just looked it up then, so gorgeous, I have a similar however miniature version to the real fence guarding their splendorous ride! Mine in white however :)

The front yard has a bird bath feature on top of a circular hedge, made of a dodgy old plastic clock & a vintage sweets tray turned up-side-down. I covered the clock face with faux grass then surrounded the frame to the clock in faux leaves from a topiary ball, the glue gun running at top speed! And so the fun continues..