Tinkerbell styled gal in my doll house, one costume half worked out already! :) Post titled accordingly as the light from the tested chandelier is a small but equally brilliant illumination, scattering flickers of colour by reflection. Recall being memorised by chandeliers when I was a little girl, equaling a mouthful of fairy-floss and more recent times, last July, seeing fireflies at an outdoor concert in Prospect Park, Brooklyn NY, whilst Kishi Bashi was on stage, unreal!

Tonight is about sorting the lighting, where the cords go & how to hide them. Costumes need to be worked out. I actually drew some years ago a green bug style outfit, time to find it or revamp from memory, it’s green for go..

tiny and pretty one

light globes next to one Australian dollar

Feature creature! Is thy bat.. in the top central room, testing the chandelier, now trimmed with gold. Worried I’m adding to many random bits, hopefully this collision of items will have a sense of unity. Doilies cut haphazardly & paper flowers hacked to the similar flavour are the perfect quick fix gap fillers. All the detail of the ‘spring’ elements are making it feel I’ve come along way tonight, ha! this morning..

Wooden strips cut to size surround the main window frame, hiding what needs to be hidden! Preloved ear-rings acting as glitzy wall features are positioned & mounted into place. Small holes are drilled into the plaster piece above the window frame. Cut off skewer pieces are wedged inside and sealed with a glue gun.

A spur of encouragement as sparkly accessories glisten in the light.. It’s interesting to see how the colours of all the elements blend as more detail is added. Originally I thought there was to be more doll house ‘wallpaper’ and paint for more consistency, however I’ll definitely now keep the original colours, with light paint layers applied, or lashings of full colour, all dependent on which section of the interior or exterior, mainly gold, green downstairs and a dark violet or blue, near black for the exterior?

Porcelain beauty queens Lola & Lana ‘inspect the landscape’, reference to one of my favourite artists Tom Phillips, his work ‘A Humument’, introduced to this ace book by a teacher at uni, thank-you Sean Callinan, amongst other sources of inspiration!

On this second day of hardcore making.. realised I went a bit overboard with the fake flowers therefore added more doily bits & wooden pieces to tame it down. Bought some animals today for the picture frame feature for the inside of the house. The tiger is awaiting new friends, a panther and giraffe, the other animals bought today, especially the kangaroo (what was I thinking!) can stay in it’s invisible box..

Lana and Lola, porcelain beauty queens

Window development - 1

Window development - 2

Window development - 3

Earlier workings

Tiger finding his room

Later workings, more to go..

Dexter curtains up, faux velvet down the alley way.. Speaking faux though, still need more animal finger puppets! Will keep merrily hunting.

Change of scenery from the exterior, back inside to finish the floors, staircase and more fine detail, inclusive of adding miniature chandeliers. Raw testing of the LED light on work to date. Love the purple & green shades.

Time to revisit the written material & work on the gardens. Mythical statues are to make friends with circus themed pieces, through to lavish garden settings. Bought lots of pieces over a year ago I’m keen add to the mix.

Floors, blankets of paint..

Roof of alternate nature

Door panels, floors, light fixtures..

Chandelier to swing from..

Window feature with creatures

Floor, staircase & further detail to come..