Drill & glue gun on high speed, in motion! Thursday night special.. Started several days ago, working on the design for the external side of the window for the ‘prehistoria’ room, this is the one with all the plants. Loving more freedom & imperfections, inclusive of randomly adding scrunched up small pieces of the foliage, both natural & artificial pieces. Off cut random branches were collected after a recent bike ride that were beaconing to be taken, ha! Making friends with the plastic flora.

The pink minx Barbie doll head, used on this external window was purchased from a second hand store, ripe to go. Enjoyed dressing under her chin to make a dishevelled flower piece to compliment the flowers that frame the window below.

External window to 'prehistoria' room - 1 External window to 'prehistoria' room - 2 External window to 'prehistoria' room - 3 External window to 'prehistoria' room - 4

Roof top circus and animal splendour! Finally finished this ‘raaa’ kingdom, with finger puppet animals inside a preloved picture frame used for another photography project. Also near completed the front door feature. This was one of my favourite sections to work on, actually all of the ‘front of house’ has been rather up there! The colours, shells, ornate ribbon, seeing old jewellery & sparkly pieces in new light, sitting pretty amongst it all.

Bought two lots of Pot Pourri bags to act as a variant to existing used foliage plus everything goes..

Animals rest whilst thick card covered in faux velvet are add for support New and old jewellery pieces as garnish Structural elements take centre stage.. Animals rest whilst thick card covered in faux velvet are add for support Hero finger puppet! Raaa kingdom more complete!