The name for ‘Ultra Violet’ was decided two years ago, however this year, was when the title made total sense after finally seriously starting the written material to mirror the design. Due to my own personal experiences where rosy glasses collide with common sense, love is not a mystery, either is heartache.. The realisation became apparent, like the effects from the sun after long doses, my portrayal within some of the pages to be is mostly about love, however a broad sense of the word, with all it’s iridescent moments, on parade & to when colour seeps between the cracks. Same goes for my art, they both flower at intermittent spaces in time. There are unforeseen circumstances, reflections, nothing is clear cut.. flowers bloom & become wiltered, left for dry on beds made in the undergrowth.. Smoke and mirrors, will the wind carry the seeds further? Dark moments also envisage beauty, radiance, lure & introduce new tales.

Short stories are coming to fruition, divided up into 10 so far. Ideas particularly come to mind bike riding along the various bike trails about Sydney. Passing the ever-changing vegetation & shore lines that frames the two main tracks where I ride. Mangroves & large fig trees are the favourite charmers of nature along the pathway.