New York = glitter moments 24/7 good times. Mildred (revamped Barbie) mentioned previously in a post, unfortunately didn’t make it to New York. She went missing at the stop over in Japan. I looked for her everywhere, it was really hard trying to relay to staff with limitations to their English, being of course a second language as to ‘what’ (Barbie mutation) was missing..

So back in Sydney on the dollhouse front, major work a happen’n thing in the ‘Prehistoria’ green room. Plants manually flourishing, learning new techniques with the glue gun and to cut into sections to diversify the look. Made little plant features that reminded me of Elkhorn grafted plants. One of my past grandfathers loved these plants dearly, they featured within his ‘picture’ perfect garden I recall when growing up, not sure if the later happened though.

November was the month to move back to the top floors for more craft. Finally had the guts to cut up a lovely pair of threads with a gorgeous ornate pattern throughout to use as a wallpaper. The bat above the mantle piece also compliments this ‘room’ to be. Photos unfortunately of this progress are to be viewed later and further developed.. whilst Mildred preferred Japan, my phone preferred living in New York :)

Excited to move to the ‘front of house’, to find homes for the animal finger puppets and art deco pieces collected along the way.

Mildred in Australia

Ceiling feature