It’s all go go & off with her head{s).. Small chandeliers are positioned, important to know in advance how the wiring is to be actioned & hidden. The ceilings and surrounds in the two lower floors are toyed with clay & plastic fantastic friends, as per development over time.

Found a wonderful site today for ancient Greek, Roman & Greek Mythology miniature statues. I’m particularly down for Aphrodite, Venus de Milo, Winged Victory of Samothrace & Pegasus. Reading over notes, past & present ‘Sprinkles of mythology, asking thou money tree above, to bless & undress thou wallet for statues wanted online’ One thing known, pinot noir had an influence on creative writing ‘that’ night..

Most of the interior house has colour schemes, wallpapers & art direction. The front garden feel is to feature art deco statues, the back carousel horses amongst more flavours.

Dolling up the dolls Pressing shapes into clay Clay time in the gallery - 1 Clay time in the gallery - 2 Ceiling prior to work Ornate light fitting to be Picture frame, doilie and plastic fantastic bits Further ceiling development Aphrodite and Venus de Milo Winged Victory of Samothrace