Thinking about room names, spaces dually deserve both a personality & grace for the ‘plastic’ floorboards to be disguised as other, so far:-
top left – alchemical parlour
top middle -velvet neither-world or  alchemy kiss lab
top right – Cinderella’s den
a room (or get a room) – stitched, beaded, bewitched gallery
lower left – prehistoricas lair
lower middle –  lady’s mantle pieces or charms and dreams gallery or creep-show
side bit – ?? nfi
front garden – charms and dreams boudoir
back garden – things that moan & go growl nursery, hide & creepers lane
notes – extra – burlesque boudoir, Absinthe garden, emerald lashings at 3am, underground overtures lair, overt freak-show overtures over and over, oh really?

Lower floor - right Top floor - right Top left to middle floor Interior view of house

Pots & pans are not wanted/needed. It’s takeaway for all the predators, hunger still apparent, ‘prehistorica’ in the making. At this stage, basic tools of trade, dodgy scissors, pliers & girl power! However this is also when power tools, primarily the drill was introduced to the house, ‘Lucy’ would like to express the liberating feeling of finally getting to know the workings of drill.

Artificial plants made primarily for aquariums are the base greenery, raiding throughout Sydney all the $2 shops for a variety of looks. Plastic vintage dolls bought due to their creepy eye sockets that roll back and forth when turned up and down. Natural and artificial elements are at one..

Prehistoria' room plants Kitchen no more! (FNM reference) Demolition in bathroom Demolition and window design toyed with picture frames