Ultra Violet Lair - Art duo based in Sydney - Ana and Magenta

Artist's Statement

Ana is interested in blurring the relationships currently existing between imagination and reality. Ana’s mindset takes her to pathways unseen by others, as it’s her Ultra Violet Lair. There are no boundaries. The gates are permanently open and held down. Imprisoned by blackberry vines. Portals open. Other creative adventures are revisited where nature, old architecture and hints of yesteryear organically coalesce into one. Ana’s interpretation is brought to the table from a wallpaper perspective. It’s a merry-go-round that Ana’s inner child has made clear, she never wants it to end.

Ana started her creations during pregnancy, she needed an out from indescribable nerve pain (like being stabbed) which sent her on a journey to switch the light off for pain and on for creativity. Ana’s path was made in concrete. Her Mannequin a day project replaced the blah with neon lit adventures. Styling ‘Magenta’ mannequin, taking her to parks, cemeteries and random haunts that met Ana’s criteria for one hell of a good background. Once set up and the onlookers met with a smile, it was full throttle time! Take photos, edit, write and upload the ‘one’ to Instagram. This concept was adapted by Noah Scalin’s ‘Skull-a-day’.

Ana’s inspiration stems back to Ed Kienholz & Aubrey Beardsley. Kienholz for the hands on spectacular works such as ‘The Merry-Go-World or Begat by Chance and the Wonder Horse Trigger’ and ‘The Hoerengracht’ a life-size installation of the red-light district in Amsterdam, his last masterpiece made with his wife Nancy Reddin Kienholz. Beardsley for equally mind blowing works, however on paper.

One, two.. (tap tap) Magenta now on the mike. Ana creates, I crack the whip. We’re similar flavours to this double top ice cream, we blur imagination and reality. A red stop sign is bypassed, crossroads walked through, we are off the garden path to undefined territories. Ana and I go to the same places, share clothes, dreams and oh the nightmares! The perfect firestarters to create..

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Ultra Violet Lair is found down the rabbit hole. It’s an adventurous ride through this dark and ever-changing lair, as the inhabitants are consistently surrounded by art materials, clothes, vintage dolls & toys.

We work and live together, it’s been like this for about 15 years, impressive right? Read more about us here.